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Traffic land 1 23 traffic and weather together starting off of the super retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Super busy today, David yet definitely in some spots. Super busy is right up north on Route one in north bound You just a mess. Gonna hit delays for over four miles they started route 99 saw goes all the way up to that earlier leveling crash before the Lynnfield Tunnel. Around 1 28 North bound Still heavy from route 38 Wolverine right up into Wakefield. 1 28 cell found heavy and slow long that street right down to the cloverleaf on 93 North Even hit the lays mon ville after 1 28 Roots three and 95 there, okay. South of town grew three. North bound still master lots of volume from route 53 up to an earlier crash by Derby Street through three North bound us on cell found rather Heavy and slow through Braintree. Right to the Derby Street Lane. Drop Expressway North bound still on the brakes, and upon set up to that earlier, right lane crash before the O'Neill south on Expressway Heavy from the pipe to Neponset. You'll come off the race hit them again. First broke to the split 25 eastbound you back about a mile and a half approaching the born bridge down to one lane both ways for ongoing work. 95 north, You're gonna hit the brakes, a dead end street or passed right to the top Lower end of 93 north slows from 1 38 in Canton through 28 Randolph. And on 1 28 cell phone. You're gonna hit a slow stretch pass through 1 35 in dead. Um, Downtown's not looking too bad. The lower deck a 93 year back to Sullivan Square Lever down ramp is full star westbound. You're out to the Longfellow Bridge, David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the three David. Thank you. And now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast with AccuWeather meteorologist Matt Ben's Brought to you by Toyota of Braintree this afternoon Clouds and some sunshine Watch out for a shower in spots.

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