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L, West Palm Beach Pembroke Fort Pierce. From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. Hundreds turned out for a rally in Palo Alto, California, where Christine Blasi Ford teachers showing their support for her as she prepares to bring her accusations of sexual improprieties against supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh when they were in high school together to the Senate Judiciary committee Craig Kaplan, a former colleagues afford attended the rally knowing her I think, she'll do just great. I just hope the court listens to our. She has a lot to say. And I know she's telling the truth separately, the New Yorker reports a new woman has emerged with allegations against cavenaugh. Deborah Ramirez is now the second woman to publicly accused supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh of sexual misconduct to the New Yorker Ramirez, recalled a drunken freshman year party at Yale when Cavanaugh allegedly exposed himself and forced her to touch him. She conceded. There are gaps in her memories of that night. But vividly recalled to the New Yorker, Cavanaugh laughing. He said it did not happen and called Ramirez. Claim a smear AB. Abc's Aaron Katersky. The United Nations General assembly gets underway this week. President Trump beginning his sequel who is stormy debut last year before the world body. Lesher was his first time at the general assembly. And so there was a lot of hesitation and expectation for what he was actually going to be like for him to be there and address this massive international body that he's spoken out against now a year and a half into his presidency. You're seeing a lot of world leaders learning how to work around him ABC's Connor Finnegan there shouldn't be immediate price hikes. But ten percent tariffs on certain Chinese imports. Go into effect today. Stores. Already stocked up their inventory, months ago and holiday prices should be largely unaffected, but the national retail federation saying in a statement the administration continues to advance harmful tariff policies that threaten to weaken the US economy ABC's, Janai Norman, you're listening to ABC news. Have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boss and saying I quit, and how would you like to commute to work without ever leaving your home?.

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