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I'm currently working on a book about cunanan and his disastrous impact on our society. I'm also a senior political reporter at the beast and co author of the book sinking in the swamp. I've spent years covering the intersection of entertainment and politics and post trump era. That seems like the only sensible way to cover politics in this beautiful hideously. Stupid country of ours on this podcast. We're gonna take you on deeply reported plunges into sometimes hilarious sometimes scary fanatics in fact in the way that millions of americans view the world and how they vote even in the aftermath of the trump administration. The energy of these conspiracy theorists the grit. Thor's and the influencers is still pushing our mainstream political landscape closer and closer to a breaking point. We're here to help you. Better understand how and why this happening and who in the halls of power are letting it happen along. The way will regularly bring on guests including political pros hard-nosed reporters and some influential voices from hollywood. I'm here all right from from the. Who's but certainly didn't have an interesting time down in dallas. Jesse i was told wills mike was cut and that i would be now the fever dreams after his run in with the law over the weekend anyway. Okay now that plans have been thwarted. Will at the long memorial day weekend. It is indeed good to have you back thank you. Can you please get in for listeners. What happened to you over the long weekend. Yes i went down to dallas because of a coupon convention over the long weekend that was being hosted by a gentleman named cunanan. John checks out. The larry because there was a point where people were like. It's not a cute thing and it's like well the main guys name is kua non john decoding to figure that one out but yeah so i had bought a ticket back in march and this was a thing that was drawing. Like kind of a crazy amount of big deal. Republicans allen west the chairman of the texas. Gb was there. Louie gohmert member congress. Was there michael. Flynn and so. I went down and ahead of time. They had refunded the tickets of some other reporters who were interested in going but mine was not refunded and is sort of walked up. And i said here's my you know my name and i got my placard and so i figured you know at least temporarily. I was guy who is welcome to hang out a coupon but after two days of learning all about the deep state and the nefarious cobol and attending an auction. Where a picture of michael flynn is man. I thought you were going to say what you could buy. Children of kiko this auction and it was a picture of michael. Flynn is amid minute man and it just awful and it sold for seven thousand dollars late on sunday. There was kind of a hunt on. And i was shown out by the dallas police department. Acute crowd went wild people. Want to see footage of this first of all. It's all over it on telegram right now. This is like the biggest news since january. Sex for them sauce. Someone else who was inside under whose maybe not a cute on believer was saying that this was like the news of the weekend for these folks. They were talking about they were recounting it to one another. It was like where were you. When will summer got the boot okay. One of the videos. I watched it showed them doing a standing ovation after the cops. Come and escort you out of the tent revival or whatever it was. Can you paint a scene for our listeners. Exactly what that was like. It seemed and correct me. If i'm wrong that you were having a little bit of fun with it in the video we can talk about the lead up. So con- was being guarded by. There was some dallas police officers in the parking lot but the majority of security was from this group called first amendment. Pretoria sounds a little ironic in their treatment of the press. But these are guys who. I've been interested in for a little while they've been on the scene for like since trump lost is basically and they kind of come off like they're bunch of like real life former operators like spec ops guys the main guy has a real like kinda tough jaw line but i was astounded to see the first pretorious in action. And how if there was a roving band of antifa. I don't think they coupon would have said a chance. They were really like middle aged men and women who did not look. I don't mean to shame people for their bodies but they did not look like they were going to be real tough security guards and the key thing i want to stress about the first amendment portrays as they had a team of dogs and one of the dogs just look really like underfed did not look like he was in great shape and the other dog was a pug and so this is kind of like the lethal force that is. You're the first man portrays but what happened to me was on day to look. I was getting a little bored. I plan to start interviewing people soon. Which i sort of expected booted anyway and i was checking my phone too much. I made the mistake. I logged into twitter and people were really getting into the cunanan stuff. It's sort of some boring ways. And i was on my phone too much and so at the same time another reporter who it's not gonna. I was not making my presence known. They're working on my book but another reporter was for tweeting a lot and sort of like t he is not in which you know kind of spoils it for the rest of us because there was a hunt for him and in his picture. He had a beard now obviously. He had shaved his beard from his twitter profile. I had beard at the time and so they basically became convinced that i was this guy. I don't think they realized that. I was there because i guess they didn't check their guest list and so they became convinced. That was this other guy. And so these first pretoria's are started sitting around me and checking their phones and zooming in on this twitter picture. And that's how i knew. They were after him and they kept like looking at the picture and looking at me and looking at each other. Being like yeah. It's him and then i get up and kind of force the issue and a this guy kinda of me with his dog and i was like what was it the pug scrawny and said look. My name's will summer. I'm here bought a ticket. And that was why i knew. They weren't looking for me because they were like they looked at my. Id and they said this is a fake. Id your name's not well summer. And so they're clearly after him but i think they went to their bosses and said don't worry that guy's will summer and the boss cute on john was like what and so bad i was sitting down elsewhere and they came in the scored at me out. But yeah as i was getting up michael flynn was on stage. There was a lot of like. Oh we gotta get this fake news and there was a big. They were very excited. There are a lot of booze a lot of shame on us and you know. I gave the crowd a big wave. Obviously we'd spent a couple of days together. Learning all that cues felt we had some sort of marauder was leaving and the this was a great a huge content opportunity for a lot of streamers and so there are a lot of people filming me as i was a frogmarch out by the dallas police and various characters but i think my favorite was andrew from the previously show. The youtube show called off gas. No brakes now channel five. Who's who's a great guy. What's videos of political events. He was interviewing a gentleman who had convinced to take his shirt off and this was a kind of a long island maybe looking guy and while the the main cute on promoters are trying to act like this is a very serious event is he's someone later. One of them later claimed that someone was trying to run over cunanan believers with a car. I mean just like these insane lies that was you. I mean that's not claim. That's just a fact. And then the shirtless guy he goes will summer. Oh that's my arch enemy or whatever. Look obviously i've never heard of this guy and he starts he joins the fray and you can see the faces fall on the cunanan people who are looking for the perfect look. How same cunanan is thing. We're now they have this shirtless guy. Who's like yeah get him. So i saw myself out but then you know i was i was staying at the same hotel is all these people for another night and what seemed like a good idea at the time to get a hotel and sort of like see the behind. The scenes action quickly became not ideal as the word was out that will suffer was in town. And so did you get a loud bangs on your hotel room door. Well there was a lot of trying to be very careful about that. Unfortunately no hypic at the hotel notice me but it was not exactly.

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