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To authors and speakers directly to ask questions at the end of the show today is a returning podcast guest and a friend and a major investor in longevity and aging and now a new author of a very Very cool book about aging. It is called believe it or not the science and technology of growing young at. That's kind of funny. 'cause sergei young is our guest so he named the book after himself which is the world's biggest dad jokes or gate. Was that your intent when you named burt yes The truth comes out. Well welcome back. And we are airing this on the date. That your new book comes out and actually hits. The shelves have the advanced reviewer's copy and in pre sales though. You're kind of killing it right now. How's the book doing before it's even out. Yeah it's it's gonna interesting. We'll read done Number one yearly lease on amazon in three categories like preventive medicine aging and longevity and we even competing between number one and number two bestseller even before book assault with some of the existing books in preventive medicine. Some very happy. Like i mean you know. It's better than anyone in every book is like baby and this is my first. Yeah baby book. And i'm very excited. It's getting well and It obviously it comes down to support. I received from you and a lot of people in the now failed. But let's let's forward is by peter de by peter demandn ray kurzweil So kind of some big names. And there's some quotes on the back from a tony robbins and some other some other big names. When when relatively small guy on there on the back is dave asprey guy but basic as i have endorsed the book And i'm so many other leaders in the field because sergei's spent years connecting with the world's anti aging research leaders. That's how we met years ago and he believes that we can live to two hundred years old and beyond that it's inevitable not as possible and that makes me very angry because my numbers one eighty in. I'm going to do twenty years more than you. And so the surviving was. Was this an intentional slight. Yeah i think what we what we see now. Field is is this a certain inflation of of life expectancy and lifespan targets. I know one guy from china. He won't sleep two three years. I think he's just got typical Chinese stuff you better bigger longer At sarah but otherwise. I i do think it's obviously well beyond the sound barrier of huntington twenty two years the maximum lifespan On the record and all of the technologists and scientific breakthroughs the we expecting the next fifteen years within the near horizon of longevity will give us an opportunity to break the sound barrier leave beyond huntington ninety two years while well up to huntington fifty or even two hundred years. Well i i agree with you. One hundred percent in. It's our mutual friends. aubrey degray. Who's been on the show. He's ten thousand years and like no one ever. that can grow a beard like aubrey. So we just know that he can be like the merlin of anti-aging. So yeah i'm good with. I just come close to that. It's okay now you're uniquely credible because you run the longevity vision fund so you've putting one hundred million dollars work. Accelerating life extension technology and making it affordable for all of us which is a big theme in your book big theme in my aging book. As well okay. It starts with the crazy people wanting to spend more money like enough money to go to space. Now i'm gonna spend it on hacking myself. But that's what enables it to be much more affordable if years later so it kind of it just evolves that way like phones dead and you've also managed the two billion dollar private fund at you and i are in the longevity are the x prize Donor thing where we helped to select create x prizes. You did the longevity x prize. I did the carbon capture. One that elon. Musk ended up funding which was pretty cool. So like we we care. But you've been in this for a long time. Which is why. I wanted to dig in on your take on the science and the technology so that our listeners and our upgrade collective members can ask questions and just learn. How real is it. And what are they going to have to do that. That's the scary thing i don't know. Should i go plant. Based should i fast. Should i inject stem cells or should i do what You know some of the like craig venter's as have pizza and beer while we wait for more data like there's a lot of options here he ask so Let me start with you. You mentioned it's possible of the two hundred years. Have you stake number for yourself. It seems like every day. Someone's asking me about cb so i've done a lot of the.

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