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Second free throw for wilson chandler and that was good eighty five eighty three twopoint lead for boston thiry rabih has it across the time line for the celtics looks at over to back over the read rightside now jaylen brown passed down low intended for bain's goes out of the league beasley is up in off the bench for denver in wilson chandler will come under an rosier going to come in for the boston celtics year connects was eddie we go jamal murray gets it into mason plumlee rightback oba jamal and the nuggets will look chine side this thing up murray has in on the high left side guarded by career irving these doubleteam if he'll away from it now he's one on one with all the jet he chases bubbly out away only goes to the short corner now lyles has it drives down the elbow cut off by bayne shot clock winding down to all murray drive at a dish on top to harass for three that looks too strong rebound tact and grabbed by murray that gobert a beasley frigeri that one short flint back carresses up it is editors battle all the way back from a twelve point deficit in we are all square at eighty five points apiece irving has it on a bounce pass over to jaylen brown lefthand side typos jumper pains not the but now eighty seven ninety five celtics break the tie their back in the lead by two two bomber recalls out the play for denver guard a bike irate early on a high left side he throws it inside the arc to lyles hands it off the plumlee plumbly dribbles fake handoff the murray's throwback out to hair's bob of the past it's a turnover in in a foul on gerry harassed tried to get it back in that might be a clear path foul there i wanna three begin to think about it or look at it because of my head it was it's so terry rozier comes in and they're not going to talk about a clear path here we have a weird angle here in boston where the corner so you folks at go to gave the pepsi semedo the tunnel the players walk out of that's where we broadcast very audit jason tatum hasselbaink's left side out jaylen brain brown that concept rosier rosier drives at the public and get past him brown contested three choppers good.

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