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The rest of the season who slides in the front door could it be big band could it be antonio brown how do you see that shaping up yeah i think it's latter are they gave tonio brown at the embassy pierre the nfl i really believe right now in saying that right now i think he is well i really believe it and i was up in the air the last two weeks thinking it was still going to be the quarterback dan wenche was in the driver's seat now the injury grady would be the next person you mention wilson in that same conversation but after the last couple of weeks watching the display that he has put on week in week out nothing has changed my mind that he should be considered and now on a personal level i believe he's the mvp italy's the most dominant player at his position in the nfl right now um mm too drew brees do what he's saying to maybe crack into that were even the komo i mean the running backs i think almost offset each other assange and yeah what about the grill snow brand new orleans game last week as well which was a strange game yeah when he went not changed it right at just the jair yeah no doubt and i'm not sure with sean payton uh what was going well with the competitive juices there he lost his mind on a couple of occasions i oakley play c'mon that was not a pretty situation between him and painting by the whole game was was a little strange in assessing the saints i still think that they're a quality team and we talked at great length about the turnaround that they pulled off this year in changing their mentality and changing their approach but that was not a great showing for new orleans no i i wouldn't put threes in the category right.

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