Vinny, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Warden discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Know what What's happening? Appearing just for men. It's just from that. I mean, it was hot and sweaty. You named the weird Oh, good. Tell you everything. Everything is just weird in this country. That's why I have to laugh. Everything is bizarre. The Rudy Giuliani presser. Was was bizarre. Did you all watch my cousin Vinny? Huh? You know, it's one of my favorite war movies because he comes from Brooklyn and when the leading the nice lady Said she saw And then he, uh he says to how many fingers do it? How many fingers am I got off? And she says, uh, three close she was too far away. You see, it was only to spoil. Our people were further away than my cousin Vinny was from witness. Hey, how many movies you gonna spoil for us During this? You have to see justice for all. Would Jack Warden, He's flying around in a helicopter. He's going crazy. And then, uh, the one guy the bald guys in the hallway, throwing plates and stuff down the heart it and the whole thing's out of water. And then you know, you don't really believe I didn't know you were such a good impressionists. You sounded exactly like Joe Pesci did. You will watch my cousin Vinny. How many fingers when I got off. Wow, I felt transported right to the movie too Well, just to what Judge goes to use, and then he doesn't know what that means. And then he gets the suit out of a window that looks like it's from the 15 hundreds. I don't know if he's wound look and then the whole thing. The old thing they get to the Oscars that year get I'd love to hear like RECAPS by Rudy Giuliani of some movies. Well, somebody screws up. And they said Richard told May initially there's no way Marisa Tomei won an Ask me She was good at everything. Yeah, okay, well, while the left is on their high horse over bowling.

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