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Where did you start New York of is really, no, I graduated college. Oh, you went to college. Did you enjoyed it? Yeah. Just say they're five years. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I, you know. Yeah. It was. It was good. Yeah. I did a lot of things I wanted to do. But I came out here became a doormat. The comedy store got fucked up on cocaine inside a year left went to rehab. The first time went back to Boston and started in earnest. So I would say really in terms of warning how to do it. I started in Boston to rehab. You never fell off. No. I did. Okay. Took me till nineteen ninety nine when I finally got sober to really understand how to recover you know, what I mean. Do you still do the meetings and all that I do go? Yeah. You know, I get a little dry, and I you know, I tend to stay away. But you know, I try to get get over there. Once a week to sort of ground myself a bit. You. I don't I don't do the me a few times. I don't do the meetings, but you happy. I'm grateful and happy and. I started to go to and I know the meetings work, but after like three meetings, I was like fussing making me wanna use. Oh, yeah. I get that. But you know, for me like, that's the thing. That's right. You know, you're sorta grounded in prioritizing that thing, you know, what I mean out sorta like it when I hear the stories and Mike move me. Yep. Yes. They're amazing. See follow Robin in Westwood. Or was it? Another those Westwood and it was on the second last played early eighties. Yeah. It was a actually was seventy eight. Wow. And you're like what nineteen I was just nineteen actually. And then where do you land is a home club? When do you start to lock in? Why I'm working at Friday's work at TGI Fridays valley, and I start that a lot of buttons to fill that low. You wouldn't believe the buttons my favorite actual size that got a big laugh when I were that one and all the different hats. Let's go. Let's get I wanna get the Vegas because this this is my assumption about you shirt is that, you know, some our another like, I think we grew up enjoying the same things, you know, like the first time, I realized that I loved comedy was actually watching Jackie Vernon on television. Okay. And one was Rickles. Yeah. In rickles. But also like Merv Griffin show. So like, and I had a very much a love for that old guard the Dean Martin roasts it. I loved it in that. I got a little older, and I got into Carlin and Pryor teaching Chong Steve Martin, all my. Yeah. My My stuff stuff. said, right? But but I had this this real kind of love for the kind of old Jewish show business from worked with Jackie Vernon at an improv in Miami. Oh, yes started. And it was owned by some shady people share, and we didn't get paid. And we had a call bud because it was one of his, you know, the franchise joyously who really it's exactly what he said. And I you know, I gotta tell you how he needed to Jackie buddy came into mine who was selling fake watches fake Rolex fake it. He was a guy who was shady, but they were beautiful Eighty-four counterfeit watches Jackie about six of them for like ninety dollars. And I had I remember me Jackie sitting around very funny, but still doing shit with the slides. Yeah. Yeah. And it was great. But we literally didn't get paid. And and bud like it would. So when you're back on the road. He did. Oh, well, that's good. Right. So when you start there. Do it professionally you're working Fridays?.

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