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More at loo hosts dot com this is morning edition from npr news i'm mary louise kelley and i'm david greene and i want to take you now to alabama where roy moore who was sometimes known as the ten commandments judge easily won a republican senate primary runoff he defeated luther strange who is currently serving in the seat in iraq race that exposed battle lines within the gop and here's debbie elliott is on the line from orange beach alabama dead good morning demining david so we had some fairly important republicans president donald trump majority leader mitch mcconnell both backing luther strange he'd loses what happened here well this race is very much a you know you could call it a battle for the soul of the republican party alabama's conservative voters delivered a big punch to the gop establishment more had campaigned as the outsider candidate he ran a campaign to drain the swamp and no matter how much money mitch mcconnell and other republican groups put in more came out on top even as trump endorsed in stopped for luther strange and the interesting dynamic here was that the political players who were aligned with the president during his campaign including former white house advisor steve bannon we're on the other side they were at alabama supporting roy more so that's that's how he wi with trump base voters who who came to the candidate who who trump was not supporting and i mean that i mean more has been controversial to say the least is former state supreme court chief justice twice removed from the bench for defying federal court orders we what what message did he sent after this big win while for one thing that he still behind.

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