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May be that you essentially have two sides to the brain the left and the right side literally the two hemispheres and those used to be more separate and so it was as though people were hearing a voice from somebody else than what he argues. Is that if you look at ancient literature like ancient greek literature and so on. There's always this thing about hearing a voice from god and so on and the argument is that very recently the left and right hemispheres started connecting in a deeper way and so there was the super highway of fibers that goes back and forth between them and so what we have now is a unified consciousness instead of two separate voice going on in our heads as i said nobody really knows this is right or not. Because there's no simple way to test this directly. What are you incognito. Though is essentially a distant cousin of that which is that. What is absolutely clear is that we are not a single thing so we think of ourselves as individuals meaning not divisible into different parts but but in fact who you are is a collection of different neural networks. That all have different drives and this is why we can argue with ourselves in custody ourselves in contract with ourselves cajole ourselves. Who's talking with whom here. It's all us but it's different parts of us. This is why if i take some warm chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and put them in front of you. Part of your brain says. Don't eat it you'll get fat and party. Says that looks like a high energy totally want to eat those cookies. And part of your brain says how about. I eat the cookies. But i'll go to the gym tonight or whatever like everything that we do in our lives. We have arguments with ourselves about. Okay what should i do. Hear a part of me wants to eat this part of it doesn't want to and so what's going on. There are all the different voices. The different political parties of this neural parliament. That we have running under the hood. And this is the framework that i built in incognito is that we've got this parliament in the way you go just depends on the majority vote at any given moment and so you're not one thing you're a collection of voters are..

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