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Piece or ably critical game five the rockets when it last night one twelve to one eight to even this thing out. We wanted to go to the other side and talk to map Buller about what he's seeing from his seat of rockets broadcaster, and he was one of the first Biggs to shoot the three at a high level. So he's gotta be liking what he's seeing from the rockets the way I will seem school as George Kittle same. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Not bad schools, Chuck long, solid marble, solid knowledge on hey, coach lute Olsen. Let's keep go. Guests lie. Jeff Joe, Matt Bullard joins us. How are you? Enjoying the going back to the Iowa history. Yeah, we got a lot of knowledge. A lot of good offensive lineman at of at I was so I gotta tell you though, Matt I hated Jeff mo- couldn't stand him. Roommates one years. He never did. The busy never thought. The toilet paper. That's the worst. No toilet paper. Roommate? Talking about earlier, man. I'm just curious because I watched you know, some rocket basketball the courses season your round the team all year and been around him for a while. Offensively. They want threes. Labs and free throws what they want. And I'm wondering it makes sense that defensively if those are the things they value offense. Those are the things they're going to try to take away from you on the defense. Then would you say that's true that I ever take away labs, but they're going to try not to put you on the free throw line and not let you hit threes. Absolutely. And this year the rockets offense an NBA record. They took a fifty one point nine percent of their Figel attempts were three this year. So the second year in the rockets have taken more than fifty percent of their offensive. And then this year on the rockets were number two in defending the line as far as three point percentage. Number two number was number one. So you're you're exactly right. The why conceal those layups threes and free throws the most efficient ways to score. And that's what they said their defense up to take away blurred. Good enough to join us talking rockets and warriors and just to kind of follow up on that in the series rockets, plus twenty six in terms of makes plus seventy eight points last night, they were plus twenty seven at nine more makes the words, and it just makes it so that in other in the other aspects of the game the warriors have to be really close to perfect. And obviously the in the last two games. They haven't been. That's something that, you know. I learned what three. Case. You know? That, you know, back when I was playing the three, and you know, and John was a head of his time in putting in a million summer free points around a keen to create some space, and and dantonio just taking it to the extreme as far as letting sort of play penalize instead of heart in the post going on on one up top going one on one, and and then creating problems for the defense and an opening up three points. PJ Tucker's been terrific all season long knocking down the corner. Threes, Tony that's where his office genius comes in is how able to create open three points shots and open shots at the rim. And you know, if you think about my Tony's offense when he was in Phoenix in two thousand five thousand six Steve now. The. Now looks totally different than that that offense. They might Tony adjusting to personnel. And and trying to get the shots that he that he wants to take what about the evolution of the James harden step back because really when you think about it. He really handles the ball. Well, he's got the Jukes and all that. But it's two things. He's going to do. He's to go to the rim going left in his step bag on right? That's what he does. You just can't stop it. Because he's so good at at doing it. But I don't remember what it's been like two years. Now, I remember shooting that last year just curious watching this is you do the evolution of that shot because that is not easy shot. I mean, that's a really difficult side. And he makes it look effortless. Well, yeah, you're right. And I say, it's an iconic cream Abdul Jabbar skyhook, it's like key allies dream Satan to step back three is a shot that that he is. He has perfected that no one else in the league is really, you know, shooting at the same percentage that is. Percent on step back three this year. Incredible. It's incredible. So when you think about a step back three for one point two points per shot, the Golden State Warriors this year their offense was historic and it was point one five per shot. So. Even more efficient than the great Golden State Warriors offense. And it's so it's a. Can't guard at one on one. He's able to create enough space to get the three point shot off over any defender. Just like cream used to do just like the dream used to do. And so James Harden's iconic step back three is the same type of stuff. Have you asked him about that at all like the evolution of that? Because again, I don't know how long it's been want to say a couple years maybe a little bit longer. But that is come to him. Like, okay. I'll go left. If I go laflin trying to get all the way to the ram if I go, but I need a counter to go, right? If people are going to force me, right? I'm just wondering how he thought. And I know the rockets love their threes. So make sense. But still again, it's a difficult side. I'm just curious how we thought. Okay. This would be a perfect counter to going left. Yeah. You're right onto last year. A lot of threes. Doubled the amount of step back three. Teams Horton is an outlier when you look at how many step back three he's taken to other players compared to other teams. And so he's continued to develop over let's say the last three years really worked on every single day in practice. That's he wants to go to and so this year he took twice as many as you did last year, and it just continues to evolve. And now this year is added a little floater to fifty percent on floaters this year. Trying to force him to take. So he starts working on that trying to make that a weapon as well. And that's that's why James is such a great player say Kevin Durant is in the same. Does you know great unstoppable offense players, and they keep adding things to their game every single year as as defensive figure out how to stop one thing. Great offense players at another thing for the following year. Talking about Bullard rockets broadcasters series tied at two games apiece game or game five is at oracle arena. Tomorrow night, you know, some of the narrative going around here is the the warriors looked tired and they've played a lot of minutes and obviously played in the playoffs and the finals and all these things, but I looked up today James Harden's number two in the league and total minutes three thousand two hundred seven PJ Tucker's four three thousand one hundred thirty eight they've played a lot of playoff games too. They don't look tired to me. And James harden has the highest usage rate in the NBA and PJ Tucker looks like a Tasmanian devil, just constantly moving. So it doesn't seem to me that the rockets are tired are they? No, they're not tired. And I wouldn't say the warriors are tired either. I think this is just the time of the year where tired excuse goes out the doors. You know, you're gonna out there playing day arrest in between each each and every game. And and you know, we look at James harden is as a work horse out there playing heavy minutes and has a heavy usage rate. Akina wise one was the same way back in the nineties when I was playing with him. Heavy usage rates heavy minutes for him. Some types of guys are just superstars it can handle those time two minutes, and then Kevin Durant plane heavy minutes in this series as well. I don't think that it's thing that it's tired. I think it's just in the middle of seven game series. Two teams that are really really good Golden State Warriors possibly in one of the greatest teams of all time and the walk into being a team that has stated that the beating the warriors is their only goal teams that are just liking it out what a series of pets. What about the reversal of the boards because it was the warriors who grabbed all the offense of rebounds in Oakland. And then you go back to Houston, and that seemed to be I don't know if there was a concerted effort on Houston's part sometimes about his bounces differently. But it seemed to me that they're really getting after the boards, not only taking care of their defensive boards. But making the effort to try and get up into rebounds against the war, especially in game three. But also in game four worked as well. Yeah. I think what what I'm noticing is of the rebounding battle is really affected by personnel on the floor playing their Hamptons five lineup, which is sort of five guys all known, no center out there. The rockets hat was really struggling to play Clint Capella against that that lineup effective at at all. And so as the go to their lineup, which is PJ Tucker at the five, and then they got four guys that are. That are known align, including Chris, Paul and James harden. Awesome. Rivers is the latest addition to the tuck wedding lineup. But. They're they're they're rebounding. Thirty five percent of their MRs. Now the Denver Nuggets number one in offense. Rebound rate at thirty one percent to walk. It's here with the tuck lighting, upper often. So they happen able to figure out how to match the Hampton lineup lineup, and he took her in the rest of the guys out. There have done a great job of gang, rebounding. Especially on the offense event. Yeah. I was I was looking at the numbers on that. I think they played it forty eight percent of the time in the series and their plus twenty one. So they've been really good with with Tucker at the five in the other thing we were talking about and again, just how the rockets evolved over the last few seasons in which the words of seen him defensively. They're very good Tucker, always works hard. But they're great at defending the three. So they're trying to shoot the three the defending the three and they've done a great job in this series in getting out there and making it uncomfortable talking about Klay Thompson, he hasn't had a whole lot of looks when he's had his looks where he struggled. He's always seems to be off balance or some of those nature. They've just a nice job and getting out to those guys. Has a very good percentage in the series either. Yeah. Yeah. Twenty six percents to me. Guys is going to break out of that. Just just knowing how great those are clay, and and stuff one of those guys gonna break out of this at home, and maybe both of them and to me as evenly matched as the fences are for the warriors and the rockets team that gets hot on the offense. The team going to be able to score the most points, and it's making threes. And and I think you have to make some more threes in order to it's but as soon as the warriors catch fire on on the three point line. It's gonna be really hard to them. You know, how it is being three point shooter when a team flying around and they're getting into you. And they're they're forcing you to put the ball on the ground threes become harder. Even if you're open because as I said earlier in the show, you can see go sometimes just use the guys flying at you. And if you get the ball in your Opie like, well, let me get out of my hands before somebody comes over here. And bothers me or end up getting antsy like those guys because they shoot so many and they're so good. Maybe they don't quite get squared up. They just kinda take it and they can make those shots or does not quite as officiant. And I grew with you. I think one of one maybe both who knows we'll we'll get going. But I think a lot of it is the rockets to saying look if you guys want to drive you can drive mid range. We know you can make them. Go ahead. We're just not going to give you open threes if we can help it. And Tom isn't interesting in the regular season. You don't see this level of defense being played in a regular season game where guys are flying around and really contested off the line and point to play comfortably. Playoff start everything ratchets up, and I think the second round series between the rockets in the warriors is more like a finals type atmosphere where really ease the two best teams in the league playing in the second round. So it's almost like a final type effort level that we're seeing between the two teams. And maybe you're right. Maybe right now, the warriors have to match that upper level, or at least match the mentality when they're sitting threes to realize the effort level is at a finals level right now..

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