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A certain song or you know it's at that connection to everything else in the universe, it's sort of this energetic force that this energetic universal story, and the more that we can access that because that's where our intuition comes from our wisdom comes from. It's not from our head. And even it's not always from our experience, but it's from being able to listen and value. What's coming out of us, and if we can do that for children on my Gosh, the world could be a really magical different ways. If we could remove that judgment of thinking. Placing judgement on what comes out in those faces it. Would I think it could change the world it really could. Well because I think there's such a push for conformity. Oh, what of the neighbors going to say? Oh, you sound ridiculous. Oh my Gosh! You know that's not what everybody else is doing. You have to do it this way or Not Allowing for that unique quirky different. You know because we're so afraid of our own insecurity in that we want to fit in that. We are overprotective in want the children. To all so you know fit in and do the right thing. Act Normal he no. But I think that it can really crush the potential. Yes, the child and we will be happy, but we won't necessarily be all that we could be if we allow ourselves and our kids and the kids that we work with the freedom to express themselves fully. Yes, making that space. Yeah, yeah yeah so with We touched on a little bit about this with self care of how how much this book can really. You're putting so much energy into yourself into reflecting on your own the way you tick, and how why things are important, and can you tell us a little bit about why? This is important during a time lake now with Kovic happening. At four months ago now. With this creativity, and why now it's important to be really. Tuning into that creative spirit. Well and I. Think what's fascinating is that it's not just cove it, but it is this whole You know. All of the demonstrations in the marches, and the out cries for justice, and for inclusivity, and for diversity, and to right the wrongs that have been done in the past, and there's a lot of that in the novel that I wrote, which is parallel lives sixties love story, and it's based in the San Francisco Bay area in the nineteen sixties. which was you know? Sort of a hotbed of? The Peace Love Generation during the Vietnam, war and And a lot of similar things happened. You know there were a lot of marches. There were a lot of demonstrations. There was a lot of trying to suppress it. You know there were. Kent State, you know. Kids were killed I. Mean they're just a lot of sort of similarities. I know it's very different, but there still this this. Out crying this these demands for change, and so between these two. Elements that are happening in the world today. Really, what's happening is the status quo. The way things have always been done is being stripped away whether we like it or not. You know everybody is trying to go back to the way things were before. To be hit even harder with the virus. It seems like I mean I. Know This is all sort of political, but and so. we are being asked to change, which is never easy. Everybody wants to do things the way they've always done it, so now is the time to come up with creative solutions, innovations, new attitudes new ways to embrace reality to have reality, look and feel differently, and not to be afraid of that. You know to really allow the newness like we were just talking about with kids, the space to be able to expand and to listen to our intuition. We know so. There is a sense of knowing. There's a sense of thinking then. There's a sense of knowing, but then there's also this deeper sense of just Were you Were you know something? It's such a deep level, but somebody could say something, but you know in your heart of hearts, or in your spirit, what the real truth is, and if you can hold onto that and create through that power. You know who knows what could happen I. Just think there's so many opportunities. I was working with someone the other day. WHO Is a photographer and you know. She does her photography sessions in person while that's really tough now although she's adapting in doing things, but there's also these opportunities of will. What could you do online? That will look totally different. Be The on the cutting edge of something so new and so innovative that you'll transform this forever. I mean that is what we're being offered right now if we will only step up, but it takes a deep belief, because when you go outside the status quo, and you know what is conventional, your brand brandit as oh look at her. She's gotten off the deep end this through that, but you know those are the people who will change things for the better, and and but it takes normal courage and strength and belief to do that and I really hope this workbook can provide a little bit of that before. And as their best, you know doing this workbook as a therapist. What more amazing thing than to be able to create a similar space for kids? So that when they are, you know in their thirties and forties. It's not a barrier for you know. All of those things of the status quo is. It's different they've you know they've been able to think outside the box and not had that. They've had a space to feel that It kids are going to grow. This is their reality. They're never gonNA. Know a lot of them are remember what it was before and we allow them the opportunity to you know to think broader and to do things differently. No matter how scary it might seem, you know we're allowing the future to change because they are the ones that will go forward and know. This is their reality that they're going to be moving into so if we really try to box it in and do things as we've always done it and have the same expectations, and you know all of these different things Were not preparing them for a future of enormous change..

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