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I it's it's it's mystifying how they do what they do. And it's a tribute to their baseball accurate. So I know they're fans wanted more. I get it. What what what should be frightening though for baseball. Big picture is that the guys that you saw last night tours didn't even do anything. Neither Sanchez with the stick. We finally hustled down to first base between judge who's a kid Stanton. Who's not a kid, but he's not all right in the middle of his prime between undo har- who broke Joe DiMaggio. I want people to hear this Joe dimaggio's rookie double Mark Joe DiMaggio. Between labor Torres between Severino and all the other stuff this ten more coming up behind them Yankees haven't even spent money yet. Yonki haven't even spent should they should they? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. No, they will. They just wanted to get under the threshold for the for the salary for the luxury tax now. And then they'll reinvest this, and they'll be able to do it on the Yankees if they're run. Well, and I believe that they are. I know that they are the Yankees will be a factor. I believe for the next decade. Yeah. Now, anybody that gets on with the arrogance and states that this is the beginning of the Yankee dynasty like it was in ninety six ninety eight ninety nine and two thousand you sound like a fool because baseball's utterly unpredictable, and you need to be very lucky to win a lot of those championships. Like, Mark Walters doesn't some for some reason for a slider to Jim Lehrer? It's Ninety-six Yankees. Probably get swept in that series. And then who knows then they lose a ninety seven to the to the Indians with Alamo hit that home run off. Mo who knows if they win in ninety eight and maybe there's no there's not this incredible run of all these championships. Just if you want to beat the Yankees get your best looking now because they're about to bring in whether it's Bryce Harper Machado or somebody else. It's common. Yeah. One guy who can beat the is Chris sale. Yeah. He was asked if he wanted to talk about it. Chris. Assists S against Yankee fish. No. Any part of that? Actually. I mean, I'm not trying to be wise guy. Ask about those was that a Spanish reporter. I couldn't understand that. He he just asked about his success against the Yankees sales response. No, no, no, no. That part. I was able to decipher the first part that I wasn't sure about not true that reporter was, but he just simply has can you talk about your success against the Yankees. This is a perfect example of how to not be a journalist. I'm so happy. You said that journalism students to things never ask a, yes. Or no question because invariably the subject will take the easy way out like Chris sale. And never ask a double loaded question, which is a two prong question. They will generally gravitate to the easier. One in Chris cannot be right? No matter what he answers that question other than. No, here's how exactly here's I asked the question. Chris what the trivia your success against the Yankees too? If he says, no he sounds like a club. I can't say, no. S against Yankee fish. No, not at this poor guy. I don't I don't know. Condition. Yeah. I don't I don't know. But you have to ask a better question than that. And Chris ca- sale can answer any way, he wants if Chris sale goes out there with the stuff for sales get rocked. You're right. But of Chris sale comes out pre all star break or pre shoulder going to be interesting, by the way Kershaw is not starting today. You know that I saw that creek Clayton Kershaw. We've got to get into this covered do is other series to get into as well, which we will do two games today. Three games. Tomorrow inbounds out of bounds coming up this hour, so the it's funny. The Yankees are or still likable now. Right. Just kind of put the rap on them per say. The Yankees are still likable. There is the time where the Yankees will morph into the evil empire again, and that generally comes with spending sprees, but the ANC is our likable because judges likable DVD's got that big smile. There's a good youthful positive exuberance. The Yankees are trust me early. They are beginning to morph into eventually the evil empire. And that's good for baseball. You want the Yankee? I want the Yankees that behavior you need a villain, you need a villain and right now, I don't know there's any villain in baseball. Because all of them are good stories. Every every baseball stories a good story. Yes. So better than others and someone gets like the brewers and some of the other ones like the Rockies what a five to one to forty two twenty seven still generally.

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