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He's two hundred today. He's one ninety at training camp with dumb mccown soup coming around the edge, Aaron Donald come from another side. If filer all hitting him all at one time door -bility is a concern of mine. Should that should not be concerned about that? Oh hook. I mean. I think this is there's no history looking say Russell Wilson and Fernley mostly Wilson in terms of height dissimilar Russell's obviously, tolerant he's bigger. But for the most part Russell Wilson went through three years at North Carolina. Staying went through west kansin. He showed our ability to offer his college career. We've only seen Colorado at one year. I think certainly their abilities got to be a concern for you. When you look at this player as it moves forward. I think there's no down and some of these hits he's gotta take. And where he's going to get pressure from it's got to look for him. And I think that's going to be the concern. Now, he's got to have to be in shotgun pretty much most of the time, which is gonna limit teams running games at his best skills that when he gets out of that pocket and he runs around and he's gonna take some hits. You gotta be careful what he does take in terms of hits. Michael Borneo, the athlete joining us former general manager of the Cleveland Browns and raider executive, Mike. So when you look at this in in we're just on kinda Mary. Minute. When you talk about somebody taking him in the top half of the draft. They certainly got to have a bunch of things around him. Is this one of those situations where you're kind of putting your career on the line with this? I think you are. I mean. Folks now. I kind of at the top of the first round of they'll first pick overall. You know, he's really he's doubling down on his career. I think you know, he's the kind of things which was opposed to as you want some fun of history. You don't want to be the the guy the trendsetter that guy that breaks the bowl. I mean, we've had football full time at allies, and there's been nobody at this height. And this way that has established him one softened chips. It's just hopping and so you're on a trailblazing track. And if you think he can do it God bless, but there's no prerequisite that so that he can do it said you've got to be a little bit concerned. I respect this town, and I'm not a height stop because we've seen great players. Whether it's Donald be short. We've seen great players. But we haven't seen great quarterbacks point at this height with this way, and then able to place teen eighteen nights. Mike Lombardi joining us on Keyshawn l z and Travis and let's say that it is the cardinals. Let's say they do want to be the trend center. What does that mean for Josh Rosen? What's the market for him throughout the rest of the NFL? When we saw the one season that he did plays on a bad team with a bad line and was getting his head knocked around. You know, eleven touchdowns fourteen interceptions job a six under average under six yards. Not good. You know, the offense from skiing standpoint, wasn't good young line was a disaster. Know Dennis Ross, the one thing I do know about the NFL the NFL is like buying a car. What statement once you draft them leave the showroom the cost goes way down. And I think that's what happens to Josh Rosen. He's gone way down. And you gotta feel like can you rehabilitate this career could you get them going last year? They traded a three and a five about five spots the raiders to get them. They share. I don't think that market's going to be very strong for him. Because people are looking at sixteen and say. Really didn't do enough to give up a high draft pick for. Mike Lombardi of the athlete. Former Browns gentlemen and raiders executive, Mike. Appreciate you coming on this morning. Thanks so much. I'm Mike you, sir. Don't stay away too long. Quick quick quick draw. All right. Dave Roberts, finally said what at least some of us have been thinking. And it's not good news. We'll tell you what it is next..

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