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But I also will point out that a. It's really tough to say this. But like, Michael Beasley for LA. Really? He's been playing pretty well. Yeah. Nineteen points. The other game. What is average is on the season that I believe it's in the double digits. That's why Nuuk it up because I don't even think he's I'd never even considered him. I'm curious what his numbers are. Okay. I think Lou Williams up there in herald from the clippers. They got two guys. Even to Wayne Wade is up. There would you would you put Jalen Brown up? There is he's he was off the bench the other day. I don't know. Well, Gordon how Mike Mike does even play. Yes. Don't judge me? Asking obvious Oregon synonymous question like. What are is numbers? I mean, I think he plays every once in a while. But I don't know. Yard is around. Ten. Fifteen minutes game is everything six points. One rebound. He can't win six men. Well, he played while yesterday. So we might be moving up there. Maybe. All right. What's next? Player of the year. I'm going to pick. Why was definitely up there? Paul George a little bit higher. Yeah. But I just think quite that's his that's why he gets twenty points because he does it off turnovers. So the thunder have the best defensive efficiency in the league right now. And Georgia's our best wing defender. He is. Hi up there in terms of a lot of the defensive stats, including defensive wind shares. He usually guards the best player of the other team. So I like him this year thing he's having even better season than before. You got a Y. Yeah. I can't deny how good he is on defense. He's always one of the best. What's next? What else do we got? So we've done Ricky then coach defensive player we've done six most improved player. And then we'll do that is between Derrick rose Darren FOX for me. I'm gonna pick Derrick rose that fifty point performance, and he's had multiple points like in the thirties and even in the forties. And you gotta put that in perspective. So I'm going to Derrick rose. For me. It's dean FOX sick is. And then probably Derrick rose after that talked a little bit about Siachen from Toronto. He's just having incredible season. I mean, his three point shot came out of nowhere. Which is crazy. He's averaging fifteen points shooting. Fifty percent that's up from seven points last year. Defensively athletic. He's long he can guard a water positions. He kind of came out of nowhere for me. I mean, he went from really a rotation player. You know, a guy that possibly could help off the bench. But no, he's a starter in a solid starter..

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