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Me before the nfl draft that. He's an even better devon white so mike. Parsons is a guy who really stood out to me on thursday night game and you know for the steelers to players really rose above the rest number one. It's chase klay pool. And i love this kid. You watch him last year and he has all of the tools to be a truly dominant number one wide receiver. First of all the kids six foot. Four two hundred forty pounds. He has great hands. He has great speed. He has explosiveness in the open field and he busts out last night and he leads sealers in receptions and receiving yards and just has a dominant first game of the preseason with three catches for sixty two yards. Look at that receiving core and there are so many questions about ben rothlisberger on what he is at the stage of his career. Especially after how last season finished. But you'll get that receiving core and you have deontay. Johnson are true number one wide receiver and the premier player on that steelers. Offense juju smith schuster. You have chased clay poor. Just an embarrassment of riches for the pittsburgh steelers at the wide receiver position that if rothlisberger is half the quarterback that he has been and you have nagae harris and you have pat fryer m- youth as security blanket to kind of take some of that pressure off. You know. this is an offense that while you talk about pittsburgh steeler. Football has always historically been about physical grounded pound football. You look at them this year with all that talent on the perimeter and at the receiver spots they can really put on a show through the air and defensively for the steelers. Was alex highsmith. You'll get the dallas cowboys offensive line and i know that there are a little bit banged up. Lay collins is hurt. Tyron smith has had limited action and it was kind of a scam. Wouldn't crew of that cowboys offensive line when healthy is one of the best in the league but highsmith was downright dominant. Last night he made the cowboys offense. Turnstiles i mean you look at his numbers. He had the three total tackles. He had one sack two tackles for loss. He was always around. the football. high. Smith is a guy that i'm going to be watching and really can't wait to see him take steps in his development in year two but another guy. I'm going to be watching this year. Is eagles safety cave on lawless. He joins us next. Right here on the mount lombardo show inside.

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