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And now the iheart radio weakens sports time capsule sports lovers it's me ball free ronnie guess what a here to take you on a trip back in time to this week in sports history pope tobin i can make it all the way back to eighteen thirty eight when the first official horse races held in south australia could 1919 the boston red sox treat babe ruth to the new york yankees beginning the socalled curse of the bam beano and over eighty seasons without the soft winning the world series 1950 six the boston celtics bill sharman ends his nb free throw streak of fifty five consecutive game the 1960s evident windshield forty degrees below zero per game now known as the ice kohl is held the green bay packers defeat the cowboys twenty to seventeen to win the nfl championship and as we can nineteen eighty one the edmonton oilers wayne gretzky becomes the fastest player to get one hundred points in the nhl he does it in his 38 game in the season badger iheart radio weakens sports time capsule so linda did you call death launch i can calling him all morning no answer he should be at home now the media think every year one in three americans over sixty five falls at home for older adults any broken bone can be serious a broken hip can be lethal for information on making your home full safin bone friendly visit orthoinfo dot org a public service message from the american academy of orthopedic surgeons we're staying on your feet is doctor's orders john corby show news radio 610 wtvn is going on sterling at the corby thought vacation filling some time all welldeserved frosties over there.

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