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News. Lucky three. Mobile news on the level on the go. Don't confuse your masks, Sonny in a chilly 45 degrees downtown. I'm Kirk Darling, Here's what's trending at 902 fun. Halloween mask is no substitute for a regular mass to protect you from Corona virus, says State health commissioner Dr Chris Box costume mask should not be used unless it's made of two or more layers of breathing. Breathable fabric that covers the mouth and nose and doesn't leave gaps around the face. If you don't have that as part of your costume, then she says, you need to wear a regular mask with your costume. She also advises against regular door to door trick or treating for Halloween, but that the state will not place a restriction on that. A woman shot twice in the head this morning has died. Eskenazi Hospital says I m P D. She was shot at the intersection of Berwyn and tapped in Mars Hill just west of Kentucky and Troy avenues. No suspects to speak of Or Todd Young, expecting Democrats to attack Amy Cockney Barrett's Catholic faith as her confirmation process moves forward in Washington, try to make this about her faith as they did in her seven circuit nomination battle. Listen if she takes her Catholicism's too seriously For some of my colleagues that that's their problem. Young reminds Democrats There is no religious test toe hold high office in the U. S. After Tuesday's debate, Your other Senator Mike Braun, believes President Trump will win the election. Chris Davis reports, Ron says Despite the chaos, he believes Trump did OK at expressing his policy. Ski infuriates half the country. He late. The other half. And for those that aren't decided. I think it's going to go to the merits of the case. His advice for the president. Bring the decibel level down. Chris Davis 93 WNBC Mobile News, The Brickyard 400. As you know, It is no more the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, announcing Wednesday that the annual NASCAR race that I am is moving to the road.

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