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Just because produce is atypical non-coventional weird or ugly does not mean it should be cast. Aside outcast up cycled nutrition is outgrowing. How we view treat and use food and what would be food. Waste that up to forty percent of the fruit producing the us. Every year gets wasted. And i'm not talking about you know drunk. I'm talking about it. Goes right to the garbage that translates to a loss of two hundred eighteen billion dollars per year and the greenhouse gases associated with food waste amount to roughly thirty seven million passenger vehicles on the road. Outcast rescues this misfit produce. That would have gone to landfill and gives them new life. I said lawn fill to fall. Thank you. I tried to channel my katherine hepburn. They work with local farmers and groceries to take the produce they can't sell simply because of aesthetics surplus and they and they create nutrient dense. Plant powders with them. These are used to create plant based protein and super greens and a variety of flavors. That taste incredible. I have tried the mint chocolate chip. Which by the way but this protein powder just straight up in my water and salacious. You can get it in with your water if you want your milk. I tried the lemon meringue pie which is absolutely delicious and by the way they also even have a fruit explosion which is also sort of like kids. Cereal ish which is delicious. Each scoop of outcast upcycle protein twenty grams. A plant based protein suit can visit outcast foods dot com to learn more and use code attitudes fifteen percent off that's outcasts foods dot com and code attitudes for fifteen percent off. Hi i'm home. Essential aaron gibson. And i'm nasty bryan safi and this is attitudes. Lgbtq issues women's issues. Pop culture. I gotta tell you when i.

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