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Last couple of a w pay per views. I wasn't really feeling. So you know what i'm gonna go on ahead and i'm gonna sit this one now if. Csm punk was not the selling point for you guys. In regards to this per view. I totally respect that. I'm not bashing you nor should you be bash. It's okay if you had that right mindset. Bought in retrospect. And i did call up the fifty to check out this. Pay per view full disclosure. I know there were a lot of people that were checking out the illegal streams am man man were they being reported left and right like a mo full. I mean. this was the night if you did not pay the fifty dollars to check out the pay per view. This was not your night to be on the illegal streams trying to get your hookup because man them streams was being pulled within seconds and multiples. Were just trying to regenerate stream after stream after stream after three after i have a decent amount of friends You know in the podcast world but also you know listeners of show and all that and i was just watching all the feedback that was going on and servers were just getting bombarded with the frigging take downs left and right it was ridiculous. It was really ridiculous but yeah this felt like he. You know if you felt the way you felt with the previous awa pay per views and you went into this. Icbm punk really not the selling point nama pretty babies everything that was crammed into this pay per view just with the surprises alone worth the fifty dollars worth going out of your way to israel's point via facebook he saying it to you guys perfectly best sentiments exactly pays best paper view of twenty twenty one. Well worth the fifty dollars now. Look we still got a couple of more months to go to round out this year but so far when you're just looking at all to pay per views that's come from everybody and you want to include impact lwin w. a. and all of that. It's really hard so far new-look everything that aws tonight. It's really hard to kind of challenge that argument i. It's really kinda hard right now. So let's start with adam cole. We heard rumblings about adam. Cold air right. We heard rumblings about that. And here's the problem. I talked about this a long time ago when it came to particularly. Wwe talents and what's going on with their third party deals. We dedicated a good chunk of our show. A couple of months back talking about all of that stuff does wins. Zelina vega was still with the wwe the first royal before she got released before she got dismissed and all that because she was starting to go talk to sag and all other people remember. Okay so now. Let's fast forward a little bit. So many people were under the impression that adam cole was mainly going to be leaving. Wwe because they assume that wwe was going to do everything in their power to make sure that. Hey if you're going to resign with thus you can't do your twitch you can't have no third party deals going on nontheless it's wwe. Officially officially partnered up is some type of a deal that we already got with these people and you know we can pretty much broker you a nice little. Cut that way and all of that. A lot of people were under that assumption but so many people missed the bigger picture. And i was really taken back. I remained silent the entire time hoping that. Maybe somebody online would touch on these points. But i did not see anybody touch on these points when he came to adam. Cole which is wait a minute man. Let's address the real elephant in the room when it comes to adam cole adam cole and his significant other and brit baker sure when the pandemic have i began. That's great that you've got a w you've got. Wwe got impact. Everybody's pretty much doing their thing based out in florida so it's real easy to okay. I'm going to be staying down here for a couple of months for to see a will future might as well go on ahead. Get a nice little residence out here. Oh wow look at that. You guys sorry about that. I get a nice little resident in a nice little residents out here in all of that right so you see what a lot of folks were doing bud. Sooner or later you knew that things were gonna start picking back up in a way where all right. We're going to get the vaccinations number one and number two once. We understand what's going on with this virus and how we can better protect ourselves things of that nature. We're definitely most likely going to be seeing city start to loosen up to restrictions yada yada yada yada yada a big old domino effect now again keeping their focused their on adam cole and crew. You're just going okay. You know eventually. Promotions like a e w promotions like wwe. They're gonna go back out there on the road. They're going to be going out there on the road and in some capacity even if it's limited cities they're gonna be going back out there on the touring again and see that so detrimental to a couple whether you are a long-term couple. You are married. Couple heaven forbid you got kids in the picture when you're doing something like that and you're essentially kind of now will say ripping families apart because that's too strong of a word. Will you feel where i'm coming from. It definitely puts a strain on that respect it relationship and then the question becomes okay. Do you really wanna continue to go through this. You won't entertain this or okay. You've pretty much honored all your dates. You've honored all your commitments. And right your contracts coming up for renewal. I will hear what's going on with these people here kind of type of a deal that they got for you with what they're willing to do in all that you know. Listen and then pretty much go from there. I don't know about you guys. And i'm sure a lot of what i'm saying right now would not be surprised. If in the future interview on jericho's podcasts. Or whoever i wouldn't be surprised. If adam cole had touched upon some of these these points that i'm bringing up which ultimately led to him going to e w keep this in mind and remember your your conohere in here. I if you've never heard any podcast or really go this route with adam cole. I do not believe two cents from a distance does my gut instincts and usually my gut instincts are pretty fucking scary spot on. I don't believe that it was a hundred percent all about the twitch and the third party contracts you'll shit with wwe. I don't believe that was the primary reason. Why adam cole. Role dow from wwe a notice to narrative. That's being sprung right now on a lot of dirt sheets the number one topic for you know podcasters. That's just pretty much reading what the dirt sheets are saying. And they're just they're not adding their own two cents to it but just marinade on that. Okay so adam cole. In a w makes total sense. It really does. It makes total fucking sense. He's got friends over there. The the fucking connections and and plus really stop and think about this. What's the one thing for you. Longtime listeners has been checking out the show. We'll still one thing that i've been saying about adam cole. Within recent weeks ever since the buzz had came about that his contract was expiring and essentially. W w canada dropped the ball here and they were trying to make him priority number one and all that we'll number one thing that i had since you guys for those that don't remember one of the main points i made in regards to adam cole was look.

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