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This is Gino Auriemma and this is holding court your to your more famous in China than liangelo ball. I mean, and he just became famous you way we're famous than we were on runs, undefeated runs, who was I calling? If. Twenty one to know how do I keep this. Your mom. Hello, I gotta tell you, you know, she still watches you on TV, but she said that she said, Charles, I like you. I like you lot and you were, but then she said, but I love the shack. Yeah. Okay. For that. Hi, ladies and gentlemen. This Gino Auriemma have basketball coach at the university of Connecticut, welcome to holding court, which you know Auriemma our podcast today, the number one, legendary voice of the New York Yankees John sterling, who for the last thirty plus years has been behind the mic of every single New York Yankees game. So whether you're a Yankee fan or you're not a Yankee fan, you'll be a fan of what John sterling has to talk about. And the way he talks about his job, the Yankees, baseball, etc. Etc. Enjoy. We were talking about. You know, almost like you're talking about a culture, you know. You know, coaching here at Connecticut and the the, the number of years of success over and over and over again. And you know your comment about, well, you know, it's you recruit really good players, which is true, but having players is is not enough. And as you were talking, I'm thinking it's a little bit like the Yankees. Actually, it's a lot like the he's in that you want you set that that that that standard. And once you've established a certain culture, even when you get good player, sometimes it doesn't work. But generally speaking, it's as much the culture as it is the players that the end up being the reason for long term success you've been there long enough. What do you think. So I don't think there's any question the Aftab, a winning culture. And I think when players come to the Anki is not all now, but when players come to the Yankees, they know the tradition is they wanna buy into this is their chance to be with a winner. And if you win New York, you know that's a great place to win. Now, if you don't play well and you lose not a great place to play to lose. Right. I think it's, I think it's a great thing to have that culture going in and maybe make it easier for the players to buy into. You know, when you say this is one of the things I I love talking about. You know, when I'm recruiting kids, I say to them all the time. Look, this is like Broadway, you know, coming to connect pro. You know, if if you're freighted the pressure. So my daughter was trying to get on on the stage and she spent six months in New York and then realize I'm not good enough. Okay. You shooting? No disrespect, but she didn't go to Kansas City or Cleveland, or you know, she went to where the best performers go perform and Connecticut, basketball. If you, if you're if you wanna be big on the biggest stage, this is it if you play well in New York, everybody in America knows it can play poorly in New York. Everybody in America knows it. True. So how how if you found the players that handle those two things and some doing some don't. What do you think the differences. Second question. You know the people like Derrick, jeeter and Mariana, Robert. I'm taking the best. I think they have the ability that they're not afraid to fail as so it enables them to put their best foot forward. I mean, they know they have town so they, you know, believe they're going to succeed and they're not afraid to fail if they don't succeed. I think that's, you know, obviously, very, very important. You know, basketball is is is much tougher. I don't mean to tell you basketball, I think you know that, but basketball suffer because there you really have to interact with teammates on the floor. You know, you have to make the extra pass..

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