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Rules for the last two presidential debates against Democrat Joe Biden. But the Trump campaign says that the president will still be there. Tuesdays. Opening debate in Cleveland, of course, quickly turned chaotic, with frequent interruptions by the candidates, particularly President Trump On a call with reporters Thursday, Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller stressed There should not be any changes to what's been agreed Teo and forthcoming matchups between the president and former vice president Joe Biden. But Miller also vowed the president fully plans on participating in the 2nd and 3rd debates in this presidential contact. Obvious news. Political reporter Nicole's conga tonight. 40 experts on election and democracy are imploring Congress to back a bill that would give states more time to tally Election results. Group, which includes research legal election of policy experts, is specifically asking Congress to back a bill Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, introduced in August. The bill would extend the deadlines for ballot counting an electoral college voting. From mid December early January 2021 obvious news reporter Cara Corti During Tuesday's debate, President Trump told people to go into the polls and watch very carefully. That's raised concerns about voter intimidation. Tonight. The head of a local elections board has a strong response. I'm telling you, our board has zero Zero tolerance for any intimidation or wrongdoing at the Poles. To me, it's a criminal offence, and if that occurs, we will get the law enforcement involved. Jim Salik, president of the Montgomery County Board of Elections, says county police will be patrolling every voting center and Dropbox location. The board's Gilberto's Alia says it is possible to become a poll watcher, but you have to make arrangements in advance. Those individuals Can I just show up? Both men appeared at a virtual county council meeting to provide an update on the election. Michelle Bash w T. O P needs still ahead, something unusual happening with some local ballots. The story ahead. 8 37 years Joma Creo, Federal Channel business manager at Poly on enhancing the work from home experience for federal employees sponsored by Polly. I think the key, especially in a remote environment is engagement. Employees need to be engaged. They need to be talking. And if the subject matter isn't relevant for them. The right person for the meeting. I think those are things that have to be looked at, as well as keeping that regular Caden Stone with meetings. I think a lot of this is just good business practice. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network search Polly for the foreseeable future, where and how.

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