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Home Sunday after connecting London at Logan. Karyn regal WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio spring training is over real baseball has begun across America. It's opening day. First pitch for the defending champion Red Sox. A little after seven o'clock tonight. Our time on the west coast. The start of the baseball season always inspires WBZ's poet laureate. Carl Stephens, it's that time the SOX are gonna do battle. It's opening day for them in Seattle. The World Series champs will do their best as they take the field in the Pacific northwest. What wild adventures will we see this year is we eat our hotdogs and sip are beer what crazy triumphs will fill our pale as we celebrate Mukhi Bogart's and sale will the boys of summer win at all in the fall two years in a row will they take it all will they trounced the Indians the Astros, New York and celebrate in October pop the cork. Well, there's a whole lot of time before we liked that flame. Today's the first of one hundred and sixty two games will endure ups and downs elation and rancor will hold onto that ship like a content Chris anchor, and when the sun sets at the end of the year, we'll be shaking our heads or standing to cheer. So enjoy the games the sound and the site fasten your seatbelts. It all starts tonight Karl Stevens WBZ Boston's News Radio. No one says it better than Carl Disneyland making some. Changes to the rules ahead of its much anticipated Star Wars land opening that's happening in two months as ABC's Alec stone in Los Angeles. Disney company, which is a parent company of ABC news his pioneered crowd.

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