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We like to work productivity we improve our productivity watchos five out we're not super excited we don't use apple watch but for people who do you have serious shortcuts on there and you can now view web con content on there and the podcast which is actually great listen so inside of there exactly perfect oh always be always be promoting now this is nice really for me i've never gotten apple watch but i think i probably going to get one soon because i would use it more for fitness i like to run and i'm i'm personally into fitness so things like listening to podcasts and music and things like that i would find it useful in and of course like the fitness features but anyways that aside those are the new things watchos five and those new features apple tv personally we care even less right about this but at least i do have apple tv the old one i've actually yeah i've never even used upul tv in my life sorry to let people down dobie outmost is added onto their support for dolby atmos the other announcement is mac os mojave mojave mojave and that is a lot now yeah anyway in that in between that and i phone ten x ten and mojave mojave mugabe maybe be a lot of my job is pronounced you know i'm a foreigner so don't don't just l anyway dark mon that's that's again i guess that's a devastated feature as well actually because now you can support that.

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