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I mean, obviously, what sources the fucking best, like his character you guys just that's the mate. It's. It's trying to remember how the Knicks worsen start doing Terry. I think he just came in and we're like, hey, it's like what. Roller-skates guy. All right. Terry cloth shorts. My name's Terri also, and I'm just like in, I'm roller skating behind the taco place. I'm like, okay, cool. And then we'd shoot eight. Yeah, and we'd use eight because they were always great. There's that one where you guys came up and he was fake my blow jobbing and then you put it orange on their land. Complain a flute, and this isn't like, does the flute have balls Terry? And And then then you you're like. like, job doesn't company drink. Host quotable. I'm waiting for my girlfriend. See me. The s. e. the day is finally Applegate unbelievable. You know how we did that scene. That was really great. We had Christina Applegate was around the corner in a car ready to pull into the scene and she had headphones on. So she could hear all the shit he was saying, yeah, so everything that he said he was making up yes about her yet, but she could hear it. So she pulled up and she was like, hi, I'm Tara girlfriends. Seamy s. e. day silence is unbelievable. So you know, we had an idea that was about to happen. Well, I think maybe shot at once or maybe only twice, but how do you keep that Christina? There was just listening. Yeah. So she'd be ready to come in and verify everything said which he made up every time, which was super fun. Got a lot on Reno where we'd just be like waiting. Yeah, going yet. Not gonna. Let so fun. It was fun with so many great people on the. I mean it became a Gricha by the end of it, it seems like every any coast are you have got everybody people generally when we asked they were like, yeah, sure. Is there talks of, I mean, you probably it's very likely that will do some more at some point is because you guys had the movie. We do the movie, which was weirdly neither hit nor flop. It's kind of right in that weird strike zone had opened as a solid number to call to ghost rider. Here's my learn though. By the way, don't follow cage. Don't be the already movie opening next to a PG, thirteen offensive. Superhero movie starting to cage by the way, kids would come up to us on the street and be like, I loved Reno. We're like, cool. What'd you buy tickets for the ghost rider? Oh, cool. Because. Well, at least.

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