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The warning was issued in hopes of avoiding last year's overdoses about a dozen people were hospitalized after unknowingly consuming. Cannabis products laced with the synthetic opioid feno San Francisco supervisor valley Brown's product sold on the black market can be laced with all kinds of deadly substances. Police and paramedics plan to be there equipped with Narcan which can counteract opioid overdoses as. Descend on the Sharon meadows area of Golden Gate park, which is widely known as hippie hill. I'm Joe McConnell. The ACLU is calling on the democratic governor of New Mexico to take action after a vigilante group claim to be rounding up immigrants near the border. The move comes after an armed group named United constitutional patriots posted a video to social media this week that shows members falsely identifying themselves as border patrol agents and arresting a group of migrants, a New York City police officer shot by a suspect in Manhattan is out of the hospital. President Pat Lynch says the video shows the officer putting his life on the line. He was fired at by a suspect. You saw what he did. You saw what his partner did the danger that we're in and you saw police officers by the dozen still run into that parking lot putting themselves at risk officer. Justin Vartanian walked out of Mount Sinai hospital on his own power. Dozens of cops applauding suffo- county. Native was shot in the army and his partner. Chase this suspect into a parking lot near west one hundred eighty seven street. This was. Is in Washington heights, Thursday night, his partner fired back killing the suspect. Scott Pringle, NBC. News Radio New York. The Liberian president is working from his private residence after snakes were found in his office. The press secretary for George way says to black snakes were found in the foreign affairs ministry, building all staff have been informed to stay away. However way a former professional footballer plans to return to his office on Monday, whether or not the snakes are found.

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