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Mild into the upper fifties in some spots right now in Boston we've got clouds forty four degrees push on Beacon Hill to people here illegally to legally drive a car WBZ's Karen regal with more of bill being pushed that would do just that to Julia colors a pediatrician and is here to push for the loss she says it's a matter of health and dignity deciding between the option of driving the child's without a license to see me or risking arrest and deportation I think that is not a choice that parents should be forced to make and he'll go product known insurance broker for million undocumented immigrants as he would not be who we use today if you've been busted for driving without a license these people my people one dean was one to do the right thing the bill has eighty five supporters it is not supported by the governor of the state house Karen regal WBZ Boston's news radio in a court filing this week federal prosecutors rejecting arguments of a suspected Massachusetts judge to dismiss charges including obstruction of justice judge Kelly Joseph allegedly help demand evade immigration officials at a Newton courthouse last year the judge is currently on paid leave the government does not agree with judge Joseph judicial immunity defense saying affecting the release is not a judicial act the United Nations releasing a study on children held in detention around the world were spotted bills Sanford tells us the study does not pay a good picture of the United States this study said that at least three hundred thirty thousand children around the world are being held in detention because of migration issues but nearly one third of them being held by the United States the study says one hundred three thousand children are in detention in the U. S. including unaccompanied minors those with their families and those separated from family members the report also blasted the US for being the only nation in the world not to ratify the convention of the rights of the child a U. entreaty adopted in nineteen eighty nine the report comes out just ahead of world children's day tomorrow to jail guards in New York now facing federal charges it all comes as part of the investigation into the suicide of Jeffrey upstate open well in Michael Thomas allegedly falsified records to make it look like they checked on Jeffrey upstate another MCC Manhattan inmates when they did not senator Mike Lee pressed bureau of prisons chief Kathleen hawks Sawyer about it during a congressional hearing with that have represented the lapse of protocol a lapse of a lot of things senator protocol policy following lots of very negative things if staff for not doing the rounds here union said blaming the two correctional officers for Eckstine suicide will not correct the staff shortages that put this chain of events in place Aron Kader ski ABC news New York jury selection is underway at the trial of a man charged with killing two doctors in their Boston condominium more than two years ago that the mom Texeira is charged with murder in the deaths of Dr Richard field and doctor Lena Bolanos were engaged prosecutors say the suspect had no known personal relationship with the victims but had once worked in the building where the couple lived and that robbery was the motive don't forget.

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