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Sixteen. It is eight man sixteen Beckon you need this one. This one too tired up. We'll go to the tiebreaker Ross. Claimed to have been in love with Rachel since which grade tiny looked confident on this one. If you don't have it becky looking very serious staring down I literally is going to be just a shot in the dark. Repeat the question Ross. Claimed to have been in love with Rachel since which grade sixth. There's not sixty seventh. It is not settled. Second second grade second grade third third grade and third grade and fifth grade. You're all wrong. It is ninth got fresh however final score China to BECO- wine talion. You are friends champion today. Congratulations Air Taj. CHECK MINEO FBI if alien right emails shrill. Okay so I feel I do uh okay. This is. Pink is the worst crust and my swollen shut. Amanda has a thought here she has to give a toast and she's he's really stressed out about it and I think this is a funny email because I feel like she answered her own question. My sister's getting married this June in downtown. La She's a pediatric oncologist colleges at Children's Hospital of Orange County and she's marrying a pediatric pediatric cardiologist. WHO works at a children's Hospital and Fresno you talk about a power couple? They both one of the biggest heart and absolutely love each other. My sister has asked me to be her maid of honor and of course. I'm so excited to next to her. She marries her best friend. But there's a catch a paralyzing fear fear of public speaking so I don't know how I'll be able to give my toast. I have played around with ideas that just videotaping it. But then I thought the best host will be one. I don't have to give it all. I'm I'm asking you if you guys are free on June six to come from me but let me continue what she writes here before you answer that question. My sister is the definition of a modern woman. She has worked so hard to get where she is and is a force. In the world of oncology she attended Stanford Medical School Ucla for Residency Program and Harvard for her fellowship program. After she was done with all her training she was hired a choc children's Hospital Orange County where she works. As a neuro oncologist specializing in childhood brain tumors. Her Patients Adore her here. Fiance proposed to her at work by having all of our patients give a speech thanking her for helping them and then they held up signs. That spelled out. Will you marry me. How cute is that at the greatest part of that? Her resumes only a small fraction of the person she is. She is the most loving patient kind and wonderful person on the face of this planet. I am so lucky to have her as my sister. Her fiancee's a wonderful person as well. He has never felt threatened by the level of success. My sister of my sister and has always encouraged her and everything thinks she's done. Please help me out you guys at the best. Thank you Amanda. She wrote her speech. She wrote me right here Erin I she's she says she is a fear of speak. Like saying I relate I am whole I hate speak giving speeches in front of crowds. That's true of a a lot of a surprising number of successful performers. Have a hard time giving a speech. It is just I can like have it all prepare. Have like an amazing speech right now and when I go to speak it's like I forget how to put words together so I get it. So what's sure advice for her but I. I don't think your sister wants Tanya and Becker to come out give the speech she wants you there. That's what you asked for it and I think that's the answer. Do you have any advice vice for somebody who is such an issue with public speaking my my the thing has helped me most is I have. I know the points that I like to make when I speak what really gets me. All messed up is looking down in reading. Because I think I panic about losing my spot and that makes my voice really shaky so if I can just know the points that I wanna hit and speak without reading anything. That's how I'm able to do it because I'm just talking. And I'm not like focused on like reading remembering my spa and seeing where Matt on the page so I would say. Memorize some of the points that you want to make and just get up and speak from your heart and you're probably gonNA start crying right right off the bat anyway because it's such an emotional time and I got up and gave my sister's made of all my maid of honor speak for my sister's wedding and I cried within five seconds and it was very short speech but you know it's it's personal and she loves you and she like she wants you standing up there with you. 'cause she's proud that your sister her so I don't have any tips because I'm terrible at them too. I feel like sometimes I warned me so good so I write something really good and memorize it. And that's a horrible yeah That's what I did for my sisters and I feel like it was a much better if I I think it's better to not write anything and yeah. Just how like bullet point. Yeah and then maybe like take the bullet points in front of you and just talk from the heart. Because I feel like the best speeches here when I'm at weddings are just ones aren't being read off a piece of paper and I honestly honestly think I've been to so many weddings where someone gets up. And they're like they have a piece of paper and it's just like the index card with bullet points and they preface. It was saying I'm horrible Speaking public I'm so nervous but I really want to share. Why I'm so happy for this couple? You know it could be a good move. Amanda is if you you walk up there with your speech and hand and be like you know what. Oh Oh she really. I just WANNA speak from the heart. But then that's really is your speed on their plan or you could go up there with like a really thick stack of papers like you're about to give this really long speed and everyone's panicking and so you get the the crowd laughing already and then you just say hey. I'm you know I'm not great at public speeches but I wanted to say a few things about this amazing commerce through the debt for thous. She had a stroke so she liked unfurled and it went down to the floor and got a big laugh and that loosens people up at our our wedding we wrote our own vows and we knew we wouldn't be able to get through them without weeping so we had our pastor read our vows which worked really nicely so maybe if worst case scenario you write this kind of what you wrote to us and just Kinda hone it. And maybe you stand next to your boyfriend or Houston next to the pastor or dad or somebody the else reads it while you stand there and kind of not long. That's worst case scenario. I think you can do this. I think you can get through it. I also I do think filming it and like getting up to give the speech speech and be like I can't do this live and then you have a video. You speech would be really good to to say like. I knew it couldn't do this so so as a backup plan. Yeah Yeah we'll good luck to you girl. Congratulations to your sister. And this is a sad or email from Lauren. She says last year I was wit college. I went to the doctor with cold and flu symptoms. That had been lingering for five weeks. My doctor told me with bronchitis and you refuse to run any tests. Because he knew he wouldn't find anything thing. I brushed it off and went home with the cough syrup. Gave me fast forward two weeks ago to a different doctor for the same thing. She ran the tests and found out. FDA's to cancer. I am and furious at the previous doctor but let it go because I have bigger problems to deal with now. I'm currently in remission but it's still weighs on me should tell the clinic. I went to about this or is it a lost cause because it was probably an isolated case in everyone's different either way. I want to tell all podcast listeners. To be an advocate for your own health don't let any doctors actors especially male doctors treat you like this especially young women who are still having their Ma make their doctors appointments for them like I did so. I think that's a very good message to everybody. Yeah yeah this happened. My grandma kept going to the doctor because I can't remember what symptoms she was having and they kept just brushing her off saying like. It's nothing you're dislike going. Oh you know what you're sick. Whatever and she found out she had stage four breast cancer and like literally all I mean she survived but it probably could have been way less traumatising thing if they hadn't ruled it out and sent her home and like been more thorough and like listen to what she was saying because she knew that something was wrong? And I think this this is really good advice because doctors are humans too but you know your body. You're the only one who knows what's going on right and you have to stand up for yourself and know oh like if you know something's off than you keep fighting for yourself and you know better than anybody else. What's the deal is and it does happen? My Wife's grandmother granny roses get another shot Out On this show. That's two minutes episode. Granny Rosie was told. She had Parkinson's disease and spent years doing daily exercise to stave off the Parkinson's disease and then she moved from Florida to Wisconsin. got a different. The doctor and the doctor said you do not have Parkinson's disease worth absorb that someone told you that but you do not. Oh my gosh. It's very weird very scary that these doctors are so You know they're not infallible. Yeah and that's the thing I think that's important because remember i. You're you don't remember when and I was like feeling all those symptoms like I know something's not right I was feeling excruciatingly tired all the time to the point where it's just your job. I was like I've done morning shows shows since college like it's not my job. My schedule like I feel something significantly different and I went to so many different doctors. I like Oh the thyroid. It's it's not your thyroid and then I finally went to my new regular doctor and he. I don't know what he figured out that it was when I got some vitamins or whatever and that's what I've been taking in. That really helped me but it was like me literally saying no. I know this isn't just my schedule so I just kept saying well you just you work too much. And I'm like no like I know my body. This is not just normal tired. This is something else you know and I just kept going from doctor doctor until I finally figured it out so true. I don't honestly don't even know but they were able to curate. I don't even a some sort of obviously some sort of imbalanced because he gave me. I take like five different vitamins. A day that are.

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