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I heard an interview sometime in the last year. Where you know somebody was saying you know. Is everybody going to start writing about the pandemic now. Good lord i hope not because it's bad enough living through it. Do you know i don't want to read about it and i find myself wondering how long it'll be before anybody. I i can't imagine having to immerse myself back in it enough to write something about it. I'm not even sure that i'd wanna read something yet. So how long. How long would it take before. Anybody is really up for that. Because i mean i'm sure that there will be things just like you. Wrote a book set the nineteen eighteen influenza. Though the weird thing about that is i had never even heard of the spanish flu until downton abbey never even heard of it and now it seems so strange. Had it like got really sick from it. I think in cars in eighteen fifty though mora. Okay no no no no Or yari and don't downton dot impossible girl. Of course you could tell when my head was in more recently. I can't remember if it was hurt or if it was civil but yes somebody somebody who don't really think i obviously didn't watch that far into the season to see that part but i remember that happened that that to them as well but yeah i think. The first time i heard about the spanish influenza would so called standard lorenza was A children's book that. I read like height on any time. So there is a book called rascal by sterling north. Which is a children's book about this boy who lives in wisconsin and and he he actually adopts this like baby raccoon. And it's it's it's a story of his life with that raccoon for a year But during that year's nineteen eighteen and his brother herschel is fighting in france and His and he gets us spanish ones and he has to get taken in by his his Like his aunt or something like that because his dad doesn't actually know how to take care of him. A little boy and his mother has died many many years ago. But i remember hearing about the spanish lou. The way that he described it as child and being like 'cause he described like oh it was it was killing people after rain and like their story about this like old couple in town. They were going out to get to the water pump to get water because they were so thirsty and one of them died at the pump and one of them died on the way back to the house like oh it is that deadly so i knew from a very young age like from the time i was like eleven or twelve like i knew lou from this one book and i.

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