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Meant i was gonna forget. Say the subtitle okay. Do you have a clip of that. Yeah income that billie eilish toughest consistently a little too dark for me very whispery. This pill like it's a sexy in between two people who shouldn't be doing it in a movie there's cheating happening and it's like when they get away and the slightly against the rules. It's the as a little too dark for me new albums out today. Willie jones release his debut album right now fraternity which is bon scott pre. Acdc which bon scott was the lead singer originally who died now. Brian johnson's lead singer. But that's out box. Steve hackett lee rocker from the stray cats. I think that's pretty much. It not a lot of music this week honestly music news. Eric church's releasing one three albums in april. The first one's called heart out april sixteenth. Here's the trend morgan. Wanna put that to charts puts out three. I here luke bryan got a nine album. Now coming at yeah. They're just going to album each other. Now here's a shipment of records the first one's heart then their soul and then there's one that's called end like the end sign. What is that called. The emperor sand amber sandy and it's only available on vinyl for his church choir members. By the way you'll probably be able to get it to eventually somewhere else. But it's just guessing so heart and soul so heart saw out of whatever you get there's three heart and soul but and only goes to the church choir all right Speaking of eric. Church eric church and rb singer. Jasmine sullivan will team up from the national anthem. Game is february seventh on cbs. The last time two singers performed together was aaron neville and aretha franklin at soup bone destroyed. Lady a the newest members of the grand ole opry. They were invited. Thursday by darius rucker during a taping of the grand ole offering ninety five years of country music special that our membership becomes effective immediately which was a bit odd to see them be invited and there were already members. Because usually what happens. Is you get invited. Then you have the night where you're inducted but i guess because of covid it's like all right. We want you to be a member and your member because you can't really do the big pomp and circumstance. That should be interesting. I'm supposed to be a part of it because i work with the austrian. Play the a lot but struggle for me is that show is on the same night. That american idol debuts. Oh but i don't do the first episodes of idle because i was off shooting other show. I don't know what's going to happen. But hopefully i can still be a part of the opera show. I think it'd be pretty cool. Dolly pardons brother dies. Randy parton has died of cancer. He was the singer and musician who played in the band. Also had a zone at dollywood. Probably best known for his duet with dolly. Can't hold a candle to you. Which by the way. Dolly celebrated her seventy fifth birthday on tuesday brandy. Clark postponed tour. She's artist postponed or cancelled toward aids. I mean you kind of have to write getting there. Yeah it's getting there in what way i feel like. It's not near close to being there were. You can't have anything that's not gonna happen. People still holding tickets for so help me help me out here. Yeah was this the tour that she was already doing like she announce a long time ago and scheduled so then it's like done got it okay. I was thinking because you're not going to go. We're gonna start touring in february. And then yeah. So it was the toward that originally was planned and then rescheduled like merit had like marina. Kim olivia rodriguez the youngest ever with a number one song with our song. Driver's license my driver's license last week is likely to hear the song. All the time kitten that she was an is in high school musical ashes. The other dude musical then. He started sprinting carpenter spending carpenter. Thank you and then she wrote the song since last week like we always talked about. Because you're so excited.

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