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It is. And so I don't understand why the state creates a system and then they're saying, oh, the municipalities aren't accountable. Those funding apparatuses already should have accountability built into them. And then you have to do this big announcement, delay the funds, perhaps delay people's opportunity to get off the streets. Told reporters she is perplexed. America's mayors are on the painful front line of this crisis every day. San Jose mayor Sam lacardo is calling for more prefab quick build housing communities and a statement he says, let's put down the megaphones and pick up the shovels. Margie schafer kcbs. The safe RV parking program in sebastopol for the unhoused has been extended through June, the horizon shine village safe RV parking program on gravenstein highway north provides county approved space for RVs, cars, or tents, with access to food and sanitation laundry and shower facilities. The program had been in danger of shutting down during a budget shortfall, county officials hoped to extend the program until the end of 2023 if it can find the money to date Sonoma county has 220 new project home key housing units. A protest on the steps of San Francisco city hall this morning yesterday morning called on the city to continue providing the services of the tenderloin center despite its planned closure in December. Mike dewald reports service providers argue the center has changed lives. Members

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