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48. I'm Mike Barker on New Jersey went on 1.5. New Jersey 11.5 Instant Whether some trenches driving could be coming away by early Tuesday morning. Becoming mostly cloudy tonight lows. Upper teens Low twenties party. Mostly cloudy for you Monday a slight chance for some spotty light rain and snow. Most areas they drive high temp tres mid thirties low forties low thirties North jersey. We have snow coming away Monday night with higher still fall months or South jersey upto 1 to 2 inches possible. Early freezing rain and snow Tuesday change all rain through the day highs in the upper thirties Low forties. We stay in the low thirties for North Jersey, where just a snow all day That's new Jersey. What 1.5 it's whether I mean those top work. Up to 22 pumpkin planes. 18 Hamilton 23. That's traffic. An instant weather every 15 minutes on New Jersey one on 1.5 Make your big Joe Henry House party request. Now call 1 802 831 on 15 and get the party started. No. You have it. Everybody's saying you're Oh, mother. Okay, That's good. Yes, it would probably wait. Culture. Hold on. Where On the radio. Yeah. Everybody swing. You're doing it with now. Well, beautiful. That one. Mm. Well. Where Not good. However you go about man. Are you calling 1 802 83115 and make your request for the bi Jo Henry House party on New Jersey One of 1.5. New Jersey but at 1.5 high on the Big Joe House party. Who's this sketch? The peaky make it nice and concise. Thanks for the call the New Jersey one at 1.5. You e U Homeless man. Old time a time museum thinking wait. Again, really? Stay in. Stay tonight. Everybody ready tonight. Just to see that what you want Sticking to that. Staying the night. Wait. You never told me Don't talk, You'll be with me. That you waive your right away. Wait. No way. Mm hmm. Wait. No way. No way. Ladies, They're staying alive. I'm staying alive. It's a miracle. Blue Jays each time time 8 48 47. Hi, everybody. It's big Joe.

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