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Harris, George Foreman church one time and heard him preach. It was. You know, I didn't know what to expect. If the man had just focused on preaching from the very beginning. He could have been a pastor of of incredible repute. He's he is he's he's a force of nature. There's no way. Do you have him on the line? No, okay. He is an absolute force of nature. We're trying to get loose avaricious online because Lou fought Holyfield, he fought Tyson. He fought. I think he fought Riddick Bowe Lennox Lewis, one of the two. And Lou said to me that nobody hits harder nobody ever hit him harder George Foreman. And he said, you gotta realize former was in his forties. When he did that he said, you can ask anybody in professional boxing who who who fought in the era of those heavyweights Ali was faster Norton might have been meaner. But nobody hit you the way George Foreman did. But to me, the George Foreman story is not even a boxing story. It's an amazing story of a guy who was out of school at sixteen fought for the United States in the Olympics loved his country from Marshall, Texas. The the the grit to keep coming back again. And again against your body's will very good businessman loving father loving husband over all those years pastor, mainly it's a it's a pretty amazing and uniquely American story. And of course, that leaves us one more probably get a bump music here in minute. I don't know maybe wrong wakes up leaves us. One more inductee into the Houston. Sports hall of fame. Come up. The Michael berry show. I spent twenty five years.

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