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Dreamers that causing backlash from progressive democrats who didn't support the bill brokered by the said its top democrat chuck schumer abc's mary alice parks on capitol hill all of those senators who are rumored to be twenty twenty contenders or who are flirting with the idea of a rhyme christian gillaibrand kamala harris bernie sanders elizabeth warren was very interesting to see that group break with their democratic leader said of a geordie leader mitch mcconnell promising to allow addressing immigration reform in the senate but no guarantees what any bill gets to the house china and south korea are protesting new tariffs the president trump is announcing today on imported washing machines and solar panels vicepresident mike pence visiting with israel's president in the holy city of jerusalem today dave packer abc news stay connected stay informed this is komo news this is twenty four seven news on komo news a michael preston a large number of right to life demonstrators marched on st capital yesterday on a day that saw pro choice bills gaining traction komos keith eldridge has more from olympia tibet gathering how the state capitol steps comes on the anniversary of the us supreme court decision roe versus wade decriminalising abortion hundreds of turned out here for the annual right to wise not only to show their numbers but also to testify in front of lawmakers abortion is the greatest tragedy in our country today not only for all the baby that have lost their life because they didn't have a say that for all the women who have lost their children autumn lenzi and the right to life supporters came to oppose bills in the state senate of reproductive rights sponsored by democrats now in the majority i'm so excited to see this bill finally having some traction this year one bill would prohibit an employer to deny insurance coverage for contraception just based on religious beliefs we found that unconscionable that an employees would be able to base their personal religious views upon their employees that would prohibit denying reproductive health care to undocumented workers and the transgender community a small group of pro choice counterdemonstrators stood on the supreme court steps pro life rally made their views known across the way let's komos keith eldridge puzder homes county sheriff's deputies are on paid leave today after a deadly shooting sunday night on ebay.

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