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Businesses. Right now, the owners being allowed into. Traffic buildings were left. Those residents back into the building. There's no reason to keep them out except for the building. Join and buildings two school buildings in the neighborhood have been closed because of the smoke eastside community high school and PS nineteen Asher Levy families were notified, but for those that didn't get the message students arriving for class. This morning were directed to another school. Call for action from Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams, he's joining with commuters this hour, the Clark street subway station in Brooklyn heights, demanding emergency action from the MTA to fix the elevators there on Monday an outage trapped seventeen commuters in an elevator for nearly an hour. Stations. Elevators have been in service for eighty seven years in a broken down several times in recent months. Adam says they need to be replaced as soon as possible he says the work should begin before the end of the year four men from hicksville or under arrest charged with assault. Police say the suspects attacked a teenager on Monday was playing cricket with his friends in Glen brook road park. He was punched and kicked all over his body and struck with a metal bat. He suffered swelling contusions and a broken arm now facing charges, including gang assault are Nineteen-year-old Rajon Kumar nineteen year old Kuldeep Singh. Seventeen year old Harpreet Singh an eighteen year old Ranjit Singh. A motive for the attack is unclear. Wins. News time ten twenty five. Tired of the same old emojis? The new apple operating system contains a whole new batch of them. Here's correspondent, Cheri Preston. Once upon a time a lobster a parrot and a peacock decided they were going to eat some cupcakes and play with a lacrosse stick. So they got themselves put into I phones all over the world. They're all some of the newest emojis that'll be part of the latest apple operating system that be joined by a hiking, boots and luggage assault. Shakur frisbee and a whole new line of bold people. And if you're still wanting for tiny ways to express yourself, you could always send the new Lama out along side the softball or a mango there included to the multi state lottery. Jackpots have been creeping up..

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