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Now it's time for our closing segment about table talk and joining us Chabad table. This week is Naomi Ravic, the newly appointed program associate AJC's young. Leadership. Department often called the best department at AJC. Now when you're talking with your family at your table this weekend, what are you going to be talking about Anke you. For having me back for about table talk it is such a pleasure. My family has been talking about Jewish unity this whole week and our own forms of interaction -ality. So I expect our spot table will be no different coming from an interracial family these conversations that being black and Jewish have always been a part of the discourse of my life, but I'm really excited to see that agency and the national. Urban. League are taking these incredible steps to not only acknowledge the history of these two communities working together. But also talk about the intersection of what it means to be a part of both for me. I've never felt that being black and Jewish is an obstacle. I do oftentimes feel caught between two different planes of being both black and Jewish, and I've definitely had the experience of feeling other by one community or the other. The feeling of being other it isn't necessarily one of exclusion rather of being highlighted for your differences. I've never felt this is a challenge for me to overcome more. So another part of identity that I have to reconcile with the world around me like anything else. My mom and I have been discussing our own unique perspectives as a black Jew and myself as by Racial Ju- of a different generation we've been talking a lot about our similar experiences as are many different ones and I've been reflecting on how fortunate I feel that you've made so many strides in the last forty or so years. unity week has come at such an opportune time considering everything that's going on in the world recently from the protests rounding racial quality in this country and the rising anti-semitism to a black woman being nominated two major party ticket for the first time in American history. As Dr Jani said on the program earlier this week about the experience of Jews of Color in America. I believe that we're at a crucial jumping off point but that the work will truly be done when we no longer have to identify as Jews of color when we can walk into any Jewish based unjustly. Jewish. I've never been prouder to be Jewish woman of Color and I'm so thankful that AJC has taken this week to highlight these stories. I'm looking forward to the day when I can just be who I am without having to myself. But for now I'm proud to see kids who grew up like I. Did of the opportunity to see their stories shared on a platform like AJC is in the National Urban Leagues I'm optimistic that the work is in stopping with s week and that this movement is only just reigniting. Thanks. You heard a bit about this program already in Naomi's beautiful Chabad table talk but this week AJC featured three Jews who are black in one of our black Jewish unity week programs in partnership with the National Urban League. Rabbi Sandra Lawson, the associate chaplain for Jewish life at North Carolina's Ilan University Tiffany Harris the chief program officer for the International Jewish community, Building Organization Moisture House and Dr. John Eaves, the former chairman of the county commission in Atlanta's Fulton County and a member of AJC Atlanta's regional office board joined conversation with Dove. WELKER AJC is director of black Jewish relations to discuss their experiences being both black and Jewish. When AJC I worked with the National Urban League to conceive of black Jewish unity week, there was a risk of reinforcing an erroneous binary of putting a slash between the words black an Jewish of implying that it's only possible to be one or the other to be black or Jewish we knew we had to avoid that because we know that there are too many Jews who are black who are members in our communities who are leaders in our community like Rabbi Sandra and Tiffany and John and I might add like Naomi. Ignoring those Jews is not only an affront to them, but it robs the broader Jewish community of the full breadth of our diversity depending on your definition and how you count somewhere between five percent and fifteen percent of the American Jewish community are people of Color. It is critical that we see those Jews that we engage those Jews in our organizations and that we work to ensure that our community fully embraces those Jews in all that we do. Judaism puts a high value on welcoming the stranger because we ourselves were strangers in the land of Egypt, if that's the case with strangers, think how much higher the value is. Welcoming all of our Jewish brothers and sisters regardless of the color of their skin. If you haven't thought much about this before or even if you have I, hope that you will head to AJC. Dot. Org To watch the recording of that remarkable conversation I hope that you'll discuss this imperative to welcome all Jews at your table. 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