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Impressed with hellofresh that they tip he made something that you could make that's right and it was delicious yet as a mediterranean not from the mediterranean right but i literally mediterranean food yeah you're a big fan of that right now you can go ahead and get hellofresh of your own for thirty dollars off your first week of hellofresh visit hellofresh dot com and enter promo code doe boys that's three dollars off your first week a hellofresh hellofresh dot com and enter doboj choice welcome back to doboy mary holland met new all talk in medieval times mitch talk in raccoon spuc and it was funny he has i believe you that it was funny disease for those zia i feel bound for you it was a few other people why gave the pleasure asiya who you gave the pleasure i said come check brazil i said this to a couple of people yeah they were they were having sex long enough you to go get play were having sex for a while it was very now i was standing there there are so check this out this is crazy where like where exactly in relation to the ucb was it was it was tied in a sewer razer these are not sewer rat these were street racoons and it was i think it was bronson is at the oscar as ambron yeah it was like within their first big block okay there were arnold wall they were standing up in a while it was so fun you went around you went over to wear the theater is you found some people you knew and then brought them back they were random people.

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