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Radio, some dire warnings from the local ground fishing industry after Northeast fisheries officials passed a controversial new regulation. W busies Kendall Buell reports. It has all along been a solution in the search of a problem, in the words of Vito JIA Cloney, the presidents of the Gloucester Efficient Community Preservation Fund, claiming officials have been using unsound science to back up their car. LS reporting a researcher on every ground fishing boat has spent the last three years analyzing the data every which way they could hope for right now, anything that indicated that there isn't a problem and on Lee exaggerating the stuff that my lend some credence to the concerned, Clooney says It's now a race against time to get enough usable data to end the program before the cost of the monitors shifts from taxpayers to the vessels themselves, something that would put the local fleet out of business. But, he says in a program that will only measure the catch Fishing vessels and not the Northeast ground Fish population That is unlikely to happen. Kendall Buell W. B Z Boston's NewsRadio Tonight's winning lottery numbers in Massachusetts 9707. That's 9707. In sports Tom Brady in the box improved of three and one with their 38 to 31 win over the Los Angeles Chargers today, Brady tossing five touchdowns and the wind theme Buffalo Bills are now for no end in first place in the A F. C East, taking down the Las Vegas Raiders 32 23. And the paths are said to travel to Kansas City tomorrow to take on the chief's at seven o'clock after Cam Newton tested positive for the Corona virus, causing the game to be pushed back a day. It's 57 degrees in Boston and 10 06. CBS Roundup is coming up Next on Dan.

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