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Okay okay I'm GonNa love me again from rocket man into the unknown frozen to spirit the lion king stand up Harriet. So you've you've got Elton John Beyond say do we know whether it's a denial Zell. WHO's nominated for into the unknown or is that panic at the disco? It's Edina okay. Well I it's I I don't know what kind of world we're living in this point. Beautiful Ghost is I believe the Taylor Swift Song and stand up is this. NDA Ribaud Song. I believe at the extract correct. Where where's Jessie Buckley? I Dunno I finally caught up with rose. Oh what'd you think. She's delightful grant. It's an and that song is really lovely. It's Great Yeah Eh. Shame on the HP. That'll be the time we say that on this podcast best original score Alexander does plot little women helder older gwenda Tear Joker Randy Newman marriage story. That's my dad. Thomas Newman nineteen seventeen. Daniel Pemberton motherless Brooklyn. Let me tell you the first thing thing I did after these nominations were announced. I put on the scored motherless Brooklyn and I was like Oh okay this is real good. Yeah this is a weird domination. It's a bit of a random nomination. I wonder if there was a lot of lobbying for this nomination. But it's a great score. That's kind of captures mid-century New York jets just just pleased to see it couple. Things pretty aggressively snubbed. Here okay Michael J. Kino's Gioja Rabbits Gordon keen on one of the most beloved and honored composers working in Hollywood right now. Michael Michael abels US score. I think is really one of the more interesting and acclaimed of the year. No John Williams Horizon skywalker infectious stores at all here. Was it screened in time time. I doubt it but who knows just has not screened for an uneven chinooks. So can I can. I just say a pawn rewatching Mary story this has been out to be like. Wow the randy. Newman scores amazing but that movie is not that movie. Without Randy Newman score. It's outstanding totally agree. The and the first time I saw it. I didn't feel it as much on the second time I felt doubt. Yes yes and so you know. We'll see what happens there. Rainy Newman has won for best original song but has never one for best original score. He's obviously you know. This is the guy who wrote the score to the natural. This is one of the great composers songwriters of our time and is one of my idols. Best screenplay motion picture Noah Baumbach for marriage story. Bongino Hundred Mon for Parasite Anthony McCartan that. You Popes Quentin Tarantino. Once upon a time in Hollywood Steven Diane for the Irishman so maybe we slight oversight our winters. I think the two posts is big winner here to yes and this is the first time we're seeing the words. The two popes on this show everybody you said after telluride that the two posts was going to come through and dominate. And then they they didn't get any love at all from all those critics bodies we talked about and then here it is so now. It's starting you did pick this believe I picked it. Yes it this is a very the golden goose your first pick. Yeah it just. It's so classic it does have international appeal because it set obviously in the Vatican and end. There's some art Argentina flashbacks and chew very very beloved actors and Jonathan. Pryce Anthony Hopkins. It is Is feel good. It is accessible and it just it seems like Golden Globes Candy. I agree with you I wouldn't even be stunned if at one. This category It's it's seems most likely that that Baumbach would win here but him not getting a director nomination. There's a feeling right. No I think the Oscar race that something like this might happen Irishman White Win. Best Picture Quentin Tarantino might win best director and no abound back might win okay screenplay and that is how they you would find a way to acknowledge the three frontrunners. I could see that. The Globe says different narrow honoring different stuff Give them a lot of credit for nominating parasite our site. I didn't even get a nominee director and so this is not a bad category. The the film that leaves out. Obviously he's a little women which I think is actually a feat of screenplay in writing in a Lotta ways yes because adaptations go. It's a very unusual adaptation as you have made me understand last month and we'll talk more about that again then. Does the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Books you know to be fair has any man in my life. Read this book either. No so it's okay but I don't think that they cared about the intricate adaptation process of little women. I agree with you Joe. Rabbit also not nominated in this category category starting to feel like Joe Joe Rabbits fadeaway. Yeah which that's okay. Fine let me best actor in a supporting role in any motion picture. Tom Tom Hanks a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Anthony Hopkins the two popes Al Pacino. The Irishman Joe Pesci the Irishman Brad Pitt. Once upon a time in Hollywood. This is what I would call the chalk. Yes I category here We tried to get cute and suggests sterling K. Brown in waves when we had our predictions and that of course did not happen in GOP. She was nominated. He also won a bunch of critics six awards over the weekend and Joe Patchy rules in the Irishman. So this is fine by me. I just WanNa say that this category it was. This is what I picked from Oscar predictions and October. Oh congratulations to you thanks. I I don't feel very proud about it. Considering the nominating body but yeah these are good performances. I like all of that would be fine that's probably the last time. We'll say that best actress in a supporting role in any motion picture. Kathy Bates were Richard Jewel. That for the Report Art Laura dern marriage story Jennifer Lopez hustlers Margot Robbie bombshell. I feel like I'm getting really good at reading these and I they hire me to do one of us I did you feel like I'm in like the awards presentation you know at five in the morning when they're reading the nominations available. I was awake and watching that. It was very funny to watch Tim Allen. Read the nominees in this category. I just a brief rant and I've seen a lot of other Awards journalists analysts and prognosticators ranting about this recently but You know what I'm going to save it. Oh Okay I'm going to save Hark okay I I love and respect of the women in this category and it makes me really bad you WanNa Shutian. Yeah and Florence Pew here we go. I think there are three people in here who consider lack for the Oscars and we pick them in our gloves. Predictions Laura dern marriage story Jennifer Lopez were hustlers. Margot Robbie for bombshell I. I think these are three great performances. It seems like Laura Dern is just GonNa win the Oscars. We just don't need to really talk about it. We can have a little fun with the two other nominations nations. And it's a little bit of who do you WanNa see the Oscars and who do you want to have get to talk about for a couple of months leading an betting has never won an Oscar. She absolutely deserves an Oscar. She's not going to win it this year. So why are we spending any time on this. Nothing burner performance in the reports. She's just wearing a wig. Okay okay the coffee kicked.

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