Tarpley, Rob Kendall, Noblesville Schools discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


Tarpley said according to indy star vine is in good shape but not great shape so we're all very happy vine was found but this guy he should be banned from owning any future snakes i don't know if there is a snake welfare protection bureau but i think the snakes should be removed from this gentleman because stakes don't seek out of houses i feel like hammer right now is like still tobacco it is interesting how something captivates the imagination but yes very happy that vine is is is safe and sound ninetythree wibc rob kendall in for tony cats good morning coming up at nine o'clock jason semen the hero teacher from noblesville west middle school he is going to speak about the event is going to be speaking from the noblesville schools educational services center that said eighteen twenty eighteen o two five river road and then after that pretty cool thing he's going to be honored at the noblesville high school sectional baseball game i cannot wait to hear his story and how he did this and you want to talk about somebody that is an absolute hero you know either term hero gets thrown around all the time about all sorts of people athletes or actors or actresses or singers or whatever and that's fine again it this guy right here this guy is a hero at people over the weekend we are pretty lucky that this guy's classroom was the classroom in which this happen because if it had it been another teacher and this is not to in any way demean another teacher both phases this this guy was a college football player right he's a defender his whole job was to attack you know something happens he's a big athletic dude probably able to get.

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