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You, Chris. Thank you. Just say Jeff Darlington on Thank you. Why? Carmen In your coat, a studio for crosstalk and sad news this morning, Lou Henson passed away at the age of 88. He was buried this morning passed away over the weekend. He had had a 17 year battle with cancer and his wife, Mary, that they were at my wedding. I got to know how Hansan Yeah, very, very event legend and it's funny. I think about it. It was my first wedding. I think about looking at that table. Who sat at that table. They all gone check topic that's gone. Lou Henson, Landon Sonny Cocks, and all three have passed in the last 12 months. 14 months. Yeah, it's crazy, man. What happens is you get old, right and people die so Sad little basketball coach. Yes, absolutely. Legend. How are you guys? Very well. You got planned today We're gonna talk sports. No baseball is getting on my nerves already Hard caramel. Carmen's got to be discussed it as a Sox fan. If your Sox fan out there, you've got to be discussed, not the start of what you've seen early on in its early card. There's no reason to panic in the first week of the season. 20 game when you're playing sixties, I understand. So I gave him 20 games to be absolutely, judge what we have right now. They come back 20. Why would not given 20 games? It's 1/3 of their games. Yeah, well, usually given team two months do I not do you? Yes, During the season at the June 1, I sit back and Isis and say This is the team that you're gonna have. If this is what you have if the team were to lose tonight. And you'd fall the one in 51 in five. Yes, Carmen. That's 1667 10% of your CI's. Yeah, You're not playing that well 100.1667 16 games would be 10% your season under normal circumstances, And if they lose tonight, you're basically then extrapolating out talking about a three and 13 record. What do we say about teams that are three struggling They're struggling. Good, calm. Listen, I'm not here to beat up Sox fans. Oh, you did that in the video, and I'm not here to beat up Sox fans. I said they're beating the cubs in the preseason. It really means nothing because next week they go to zero and zero Who would have known that comes your foreign one in this action. One of your known that five games later you're barely past zero. Hey, when they're zero, and so you're barely past zero, so all the giddiness And although Dylan sees one of steel all look what we did Hot delancy know anything. Everybody? Yes, that I'll get a lawyer, Jimenez Boy. He's graceful in the outfield. He looks like a newborn deer and newborn full out there. Trying to chase down fly balls. Schwarber looks like a Gold glove player. Not even compared to that guy. Not even close Gold Glove player next year guide card doesn't know that a wall exists. Doesn't know in the year he hit that dirt. He doesn't know it was like full speed doesn't knows that. I'm not kidding. He doesn't know there's a wall and I tell you the problem The second time it's happened. What's happened? He doesn't know what the warning trances what it's a problem the crunch under his feet. He just thinks he's walking on sea shells or something like that. It means warning track. This guy spent too much time in the batting cage. Too much time in the cage. Not enough time in the field. He can hit. He could stroke. Congratulations. You got yourself a hitter. Okay, but you got yourself a to tool player. Congratulations, and there's a difference between a great outfielder knowing he's going to hit the wall. Aaron Rohan. I knew we could hit what he was about a menace lawyers and then it is his face wasn't doesn't know the wall exists. It's I ranted on this the other day. It is frightening because he is going to mean ah lot. If you could stay in the line up to this club, he needs to be a d h. D. H only. Did you see that playing right field where it was. It was just kind of field in Robert Louis. Robert Lewis. Robert. The guys camped under it. I saw it. Did you see the look? He gave him. Did you see the words like I'll take this looking gave? What? What are you doing here is like watching. What's his name? Come running over and in the bad news bears and he wouldn't let Omar catch the ball. Kelly leak and And he's like this might play this my field. What are you doing over here? Yeah, That's exactly what that wass you got Some discord on your team early in the season. Oh, no. There, sport I saw yesterday. That's funny. I've been I've been in locker rooms and clubhouse is for years, Carmine. No discord. When I hear that this court that was funny when he stand there can't comes Louise Robert Rain front of it. So I'll take it is Robert Cuban. Yes, it's not Ro bear. It's Robert. The point is until until he quits, hogging the ball. He's going to grow back. For me. He's robot. Bring my problem. Ryan over Wouldn't call you by your name would cause have joined herself joined a job from Reichenbach took him two years. It's it's not the start. Sox fans were hoping for And I mean, you can't initially everyday frustrated. Yes, Frustrated. Absolutely. You down. You've given up 15 runs in the first thing. I think I was 13. 15 karma. Did I count wrong? I thought it was. Oh, I heard that this morning, You know, watching my favorite television show. All right. Let me double check. I thought it was 13 X hamster. It's not on TV. Not could stream it on television on television would be Pat Thomas Solo. Yeah. So I believe, told me his work. I thought it was 13. I will. I may have had a counting error. What I understand you wanted to air on the lower side. Maybe so ashamed of being a White Sox fan right call that could be today's going to be a miserable day for you. Thank you, And it's because of the way the White Sox fans reacted when they beat up on the Cubs in the pre season in the exhibition in the practice game Tonight is already a big start. Not only for because Giolito is going, but I don't think you want to be one. Live, and they might not even get 16 guys. Let's face it. The way this is going on 40 exam like I mean, seriously, you maybe at 45 or 50 games. Okay, where they say OK, This is it. We're going to end it now. And now we're going to roll into our play offs in the standings are with standings are you don't have time to mess around. I'm sorry. It's not an overreaction to say already six games in you need to win tonight, right? You don't want to be one there on the bottom of the barrel in the division. We got a must win situation what I saw, but I honestly I think it's the truth. I mean, you're already in last in the division right now. I don't think especially playing a Cleveland team that then would improve 25 and one. I don't think you want to be one of their own to deal with this rotation. What did he do? So Shane Bieber was supposed to pitch yet? It was Please explain correction tonight, he said We got the twins coming as we wanted tomorrow. So I'm going to skip Beaver for a day. Let's get an extra day because we got the tweet. I don't blame you. Listen, you've got to do you've got to do whatever you can. This is the ultimate spring on the baseball team in the fourth, and I know he's got a chance to step on his dear. Now messing around. Teams aren't gonna mess around 14 straight years over 500 is a man. Faint. Francona is that right? Congratulations. That can't be right. They didn't have one of the blips in Boston. Where that Well, maybe not below 500. I guess you're right. They they missed the cut on 83 you know, 80. That's pretty impressed that 79. That's very impressive. All right. So here's my dilemma on what I have. I've got that $100 wager per game. Cubs versus Socks Correct comes Go 35 25 they go national 25 35. I'd won $1000. I'm up 300 right now. I'm thinking about offering my guy by about $1000 right now. Just so he doesn't have to sit your your your your Coastwatch tell again I go. Listen, It's probably gonna end up being 1500. I go. Just take take yourself out of the day to day misery. So it's 100 per win, right? You're in Life on this guy. I mean, do I give it? I mean, I know what the scene with the White Sox have done. How long are you going to be willing to give him the option to buy out like Would you give him to the end of the week? No, no, no. This I'd give him a week. Again seven days make you feel 17. He's got till Friday. That's one week of the baseball season. So basically, he has until Friday if the Sox lose tonight, And if the Cubs win If I'm this guy, I'm thinking long and hard..

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