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And really most of the features now there are other milestones at like ten thousand. Now you get access to stories and posting on the newsfeed. Like youtube has a new speed. I don't know if you guys knew that. But you can't post to it unless you have ten thousand or more subscribers then there's another milestone one hundred thousand and then again at a million so there are these built in milestones. For example to get to monetization you need thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time live video on youtube by the way although i don't you should build whole channel around live but doing lives once a week twice a month will get your wash time up really really fast. So that's important to know but that getting to that thousand subscribers is a huge milestone and. I think that that most of my youtuber friends will agree that the first thousand is the hardest. And once you get to that thousand like nobody gets there you know without some some blood sweat and tears and that might be a little bit of an overstatement. I know that you know. Some people can make one video to videos and they go super viral and all your subscribers come in in the first three months and that's happened but for the most for most of us you're going to scramble to get there you know and you're going to work really hard but what you'll find. Is that at a thousand. You know now your. Your monthly subscribers are starting to like double and triple right like if you're getting thirty subscribers now you're getting sixty. You'll find that. Youtube sort of elevates you into this new category of sort of like credible channels and they'll start showing or surfacing your videos to more people so it's at i've seen people go kevin colby shoutout to kevin you know got a thousand subscribers and was at two thousand within. I've known kill colby for years. It took a long time to get two thousand but then he hit two thousand like three months later right. Roger wakefield is another great example. He hit a hundred thousand couple of months ago and within a few months of that was at two hundred thousand. So get numbers up. So that youtube shows your videos to more people and also don't you know don't be so concerned about the subscriber number. The reason they got subscribers is because they had good watch time on their.

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