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Right now, then that is more of an issue. But I don't know. I think it's just too early to start worrying all that much about him. Yeah, I'm not super worried either. I think as you said with him, like, I remember last year, I don't have the exact number off the top of my head, but you're right. He was a menace out of the gate. Like he came in after that injury and was just scoring and droves. And then as you said, he cooled off. There are sometimes where he does look on the ice, like, you know, he hasn't maybe go for loose pucks as much as you'd like him to or, you know, he'll do a weird thing in the offensive zone where he brings it in and just kind of makes it nothing play. He'll dump it in the corner or he doesn't, it's like just make the extra effort. And I think there's been that thing with him for the last two years. But again, I don't think that's cause for serious concern. I don't sit here and I'm like, oh God, you gotta switch everything around. Well, I think the problem too is that relative to is typical limeade. When Patrice bergeron and Brad Marshawn don't have it going offensively, they are usually making some sort of defensive impact, whether that's 5 on 5 or on the penalty kill. But it's very hard for either of them to have games where you look back and think, wow, they were invisible. It's far easier for that to happen with David postman act because if he's having a bad game offensively, there is very little chance you're going to see him do much else. And when you score at the rate that he generally scores, you can forgive that. You are more than welcome to have those guys where defense is a very much secondary thing for them. But you better be darn sure that they're not going to have either prolonged cold streaks or regular cold streaks. And so I can understand from that standpoint, why it would be a little bit concerning off putting what have you when he's playing the way he is offensively at times looking and different because otherwise you're not gonna get a ton else from him. Yeah, I'm very interested though long term what he would look like with Taylor hall. I don't know if it's like a name thing, I don't know what it is, but there's something so interesting what they could be. You know, if you put them together with coil in the middle, what that could do for a guy like Charlie Coyle. I don't know. There's something interesting there. And I don't think we've seen the last of that as a second line. I don't think that is by any means a long-term thing. But there's a part of me that's like be cool to see how I'll play with pastra for like 5 games. I wonder what would happen if they moved Marshawn to the second line. If they did Marshawn Coyle and Smith, and then you do hall Berger on impostor knock. That'd be interesting. That's putting a lot of the defensive burden on Patrice bergeron. Unless you get borderline salky candidate, Taylor hall from last year when he first got to the bruins, but I think that I almost would sooner try that. Like if the objective is to get and I think Charlie Coyle has been fine. I agree with you on that front. But I think if the objective is to get David poster not going, you probably should put him with the more offensively minded center. And that might be a little bit more easy and theory than in practice, but that would be something if you're really thinking about turning on the blender that I would probably sooner kick around than putting pasta knock with coil. Turn it on, turn on the blender. I like that one. It's funny though. I feel bad. I might keep I'm gonna keep that. I've definitely saved it. I'm putting that in my back pocket right now. 'cause I always like to say cooking with gas. So turn on the blender. I'll put that I'll interchange that mixes everything up. Mixes everything up. But yeah, it's so funny because the bergeron thing, you know, he he hasn't scored a goalie yet this year. First round no goals thus far. But I think it's funny you mentioned putting hall with Burj on impostor. It's funny because is offensively minded as posture and haul R and as cool as that would be to see. Hall has it done a hell of a lot this year. Taylor hall is not been what you paid for, thus for granted it's a few games out of the season, but he's still he's a guy he has two goals once an empty netter hasn't done a heck of a lot. There's been some defensive miscues with him. So it's not like I don't know if he's as safe a bet as we expect or want out of a guy like Taylor hall. Yeah, it's tough because I'm trying to reserve as much judgment as I can while they're this unhealthy. Because I don't think it's getting enough attention how big of a burden there is on these top guys. And again, that's why they're all making four or 5, $6 million a year. But every game it ends up with Carson coolman or Trent Frederick or some combination of the bottom 6 guys playing like 7 or 8 minutes the entire night. And you look in the time on ice numbers for some of these top guys are absurd. And they're all, you know, they're all getting for the most part pretty generous starts with zone starts that is. But I think that there's just so much of a burden on all of them to do so much because the bruins aren't really getting the depth that they need from the bottom 6, because Curtis Lazar has been hurt. Nick felino has been hurt. Even I think Anton bleed is played pretty well this potent preseason and the loan opportunity he got during the regular season. I thought that he looked fine. But they just haven't really been able to spread everything out across all four lines. Like, I think they were hoping they would. And so I think that's made things a little bit more challenging on the Taylor hall's David posner Knox in Craig smith's of the lineup than a probably otherwise intended to. Yeah, I agree. I mean, I think if you were to make a bet, it would probably be that the top lines come to. You know, they get some points, down there. It's pretty a good bat, right? But we're talking really good bets. Talking about our good friends over at bed online. That's a great segue. They're back and they are better than ever. Like those top lines, hopefully we'll be soon. A new web interface for the start of basketball season and more props odds and lines than ever before, bet online remains your number one spot for all the basketball football and hockey action. This season head to our new updated desktop or mobile website to sign up today and receive that 50% welcome bonus on your first deposit. Just use our promo code, CL NS 50 to receive your bonus from basketball football, baseball, postseason, NHL boxing and UFC right to your favorite Vegas casino games. Don't wait to take advantage of all the amazing offers available for the 2021 season. Bet online is the fastest and easiest way to bet on all your favorite sports. Again, use that promo code. Clns 50 to receive that 50% all components bet online where the game starts. Speaking of games starting, Jack studding, Jack said Nico got some time. Finally on that second line, he did it. He got called up was on the fourth line, everyone's kind of like, why? Thomas nosek on the second line, but then he got moved to the second line. Got taken off mid game for a member right? And then went back. Again, wasn't all over. Been all over. I think Cassie has a big trigger finger with this stuff. And he always has. What's it going to take for sonequa to fit in the lineup? I mean, what's going to have to give? I don't know, because this will sound like more harsh of a criticism than I intend for it too. But for as much as Claude Julian got raked through the coals for how he handled young players. Bruce Cassie's had that hair trigger with Jax Danica Anders Björk Ryan Donato, you know, some of them he was right on like Jay. Dan, didn't hide him. Dan hyneman's a great example, yep..

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