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Yeah yes out of the show imaginary or important things at the Mitri Martin on comedy central highly recommend from two thousand nine. It just never seen it but if you have a comedy central logging really funny. It may save my sound before a couple of weeks. What is it called important things with Demetri Martin like a comedy sketch type show watching? Love is blind shows ridiculous. I I can't do it. I don't know if it's good or bad. Just keep watching a watched him. I've heard so mad. That's good this one girl amber. Who's really hot so I did? I root for her. But that's about it but I watched two shows on Netflix. One season already. It was called safe and dirty. John Safe I think my mom watch yeah. I think she liked goods. Yeah we're very good. I watched out so Netflix is. They're assholes literally opened up flicks in the home thing. It's everyone's watching this outbreak. The fucking movie about a virus. You make sense. I had to watch it like I. It was it was bullying me into watching outbreak. I'm terrified terrified movie. It's a good movie with Dustin Hoffman but just a bowling watching Zodiac killer. Fucking awesome movie and talented Mister Ripley. I feel like everyone says it's awesome. I hated that movie that move on. I didn't care for it either. I watch that a few weeks ago with Matt Damon Right. That movie blows I. I was furious the whole time. I was watching that. No thanks no thanks. I thought it was okay. It just ends to. There's no ending the movie just not signing your roommates all to one of them went home home and then And he actually went on a cruise to Italy and Europe like a month ago. He's clearly like he would have had it by now but Very scary and the other two here one is a teacher so he's been teaching kids like online. Which is interesting because imagine being high score now just over us. Don't go like senior year of college. This would suck. I feel bad for those people so any any year in college. Back in like ten girly ninth tenth or Eleventh Grade. This probably awesome like the family. You know besides like the virus itself but the path. You're just like getting stay home but yeah if you're in college and you're missing out on like a whole semester especially senior year. That's that's terrible. 'cause that's what.

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