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At UTF what a cutting in the great American coming up in about one Greg pence of Indiana about what's happening in Washington with impeachment removal to prev president more but until then thanksgiving week many say is the favorite time of the year for them may include including the later Brian term across roads and Brian tone welcome again to the bill Cunningham show Brian Tom how are you William I am I am thankful end of thankful for you it's thanksgiving weekend manner my favorite week of the year and I just wanna go record any ma'am thank you can bring on the on the show you can treat me with respect and love me softball what kind of stuff thanks how come every time don't I have you on I laugh first one I don't know I don't know you left me all I have for you but couple issues are percolating I wanna get your perspective on the lower level Kerr or journal did a nine month study about where does cocaine methamphetamine found all come from the headline is a ruthless Mexican drug lords empire is devastating families with his grip on small town USA and they have the name and the address of this guy worry how much money he makes but but the essence of this is that we're kind of powerless to stop drugs from coming into America but once they come here he knows how to market its products to have maximum affect the maximum money any does it by fear intimidation profit and so much more but I I made the I made the point repeatedly that unless someone's willing to buy a product at a certain price no matter how induce of the offers may be it's not going to occur so this story is written it as an a as a excuse in a sense for small town America to be so addicted to drugs and therefore were not real active participants in our own destruction I read the article I'm thinkin acid baths and rapes and people hang from underneath bridges and is seventy thousand Americans a year are killed or killed themselves because about because of addictions the cocaine and methamphetamine so where is the word of what is the fault lies with them or us explain what's happening in small town America if anything well I'm not added motorcyclists as you may know and that means I've got to get into small towns because only get were people aren't so I like getting on my motor cycle of people aren't and when you go into small towns across our country and we gonna stop for fuel stop whatever it is that it there's some of them it's like wall night of the Living Dead people walk around it and you see people getting three cases of I don't know who they're going to be doing some kind of product with it's a problem that I've seen again and again and again and I swing nobody has a life is going well and then they say hello again today zero two so much like that new day right get on the truck that way now in fact in fact I just said a news report we might say a prayer for this Jack from lane sandy came in and said that there's a building on fourth right by the Enquirer building that that is collapsed and so we're gonna have more on it at one thirty but I building in Cincinnati downtown Cincinnati has has collapsed so we want to say a prayer for those who may be affected we don't know if there's injuries if their stats we have no idea but there's been a confirm news reports that a building in downtown Cincinnati has collapsed and as many many on the way to assist in that regard but that's that's a terrible event but getting back that right now okay you got to pass a live record god I thank you for the safety personnel you have are sitting for firefighters for please give them a speedy speedy ability to rescue right now with great for reckless healing of people who were hurt and racked with rescue of people right now need to pull the wreckage got we want you to love the city would believe you love the city and we don't need to show it to us right now by bringing relief your name and that and Jack Crumley said it's a partial collapses we're gonna have more at one thirty and two o'clock but that's a one of the situation you know I said earlier today that they're saying things you plan in life and as life proceeds things happen in your life that completely changes the plan and so when when I speak to young people as there's always going to have a plan now the plan is always destructive those who want to fifth third bank and there were three killed and two wounded they had a plan you people that want to that building in downtown Cincinnati partially collapsed they had a plan and so how do you react to those who say this is the plan and all of a sudden the plane is destroyed by things of which you have no control and sometimes things that you have control over and all of a sudden the plan means nothing and so one plan has got to be Brian tome do not get involved in such an alcohol and drugs over which you can't control yourself so it's not just the drug cartels making billions of dollars the end is there something in America today that causes the products to be sold in a small town America disproportionate to urban areas what is that I was American very tired and very loudly that aims in the halls of corporate America and that is in the unemployment lines in a small town the average American he hired and lonely that one that one so he's all kind of their industry is not so long we don't have a lot going for them and they're looking for something to get me to pick up a pick me up and unfortunately that's wrong they turn to our culture though bill is June unless up and spitting themselves with men the manor banner addicted a higher degree than women men are four times more likely to commit suicide not culture three times more likely to have mental illnesses four times more likely to have alcohol instances and because we are not being a life it's working and we turned it wrong and it's it's really sad then you can have money you can't have a job you can't have a family but there have a person is hollowed out in in the middle of that person man or women if you're hollowed out you and I both known very successful Americans on the surface that are hollowed out and they seek relief from drugs or suicide one of the worst things happening is the epidemic all over the place of individuals committing suicide that from the outside looking in are very good at what they do but they kill themselves why right inside all the ladies Pascal said in subtle called on the great French mathematician it's a it's a vacuum there's a hole that only god can fill in when we live lives that push god out of our lives we're going to have the benefit actually the curses of god not being like we're not going to have a quiet confidence well if you have anything to reach back for we're not going to believe that there's any rescue plan that someone might come to me because that would just be alone and we don't function well as human beings what we think we're our own studies and drug addiction studies are showing this again again again so I think they're getting to a sense the transcendent the sent of god of important which is why I love this weekend it's thanksgiving what is the whole point of thanksgiving thanksgiving is telling somebody thank you thanksgiving doesn't make any sense and less is that god somebody I can be thankful for and I love this holiday because it does that the random amalgamation of protein and god there was no god I just accidentally became only ever going to be thankful for anything and everything that we had the chance but if I can believe they're the personal entity that is for me done things for me I couldn't call myself that beginning of spiritual sanity after beginning we have a thankful attitude killed today and the other thing that we try to do in the Cunningham plan is to invite nomads there are many individuals that don't have somewhere to go and if you can reach out and around you and say what are you doing for thanksgiving I have no plans how about inviting that person in your home to share of family life for four five or six hours watching football shares in good times hello what is what is crossroads doing later this week because I know you of touch hundreds of thousands of lives with the food drops and other things what special events we have planned across her well we have we we have done our our annual thanksgiving driver but the boxes back yesterday file I haven't heard the final numbers of how many millions I think it's a hundred thousand family circle or such this weekend the work that we're helping out or something some crazy number so we have that but then we're also doing is on Wednesday evening at Miller course right correct that thanksgiving eve service yeah okay Christmas as Christmas and Christmas Eve thank you for the great quality bill I really believe that it's it's all it's a holiday the holiday Hollywood has been collected yet it's not commercialized its owner like that like Christmas can be so I can't make two days this oversight we have a special service they even for thanksgiving to get people on the mountain and help people bill Kristol hopefully get a touch from god and that's kind of our our plant now lastly Brian tone this little bit controversy course we live and die on controversy but energy secretary Rick Parry former governor of taxes I think for about ten or eleven years he did an interview a couple days ago and what she said to the interviewer from New York times hi he told president Donald Trump that he was god's chosen one to leave the United States at this time just as he chose the kings to late Israel in the Old Testament Harry would soon be leaving the cabin explain that nothing in the universe is accidental and that god is still very active in the details of the day to day lives a government code Barack Obama did not get to the presidency the United States without being ordained by god neither did Donald Trump he said in the fox interview and cetera so do you think in a sense that Rick Perry is correct the god himself picked trump to be the president just as he picked Obama I read that about Rick I thought that was a pretty impressive what he said and what I like we said was he will use the equol radiology with Donald Trump as rock Obama and that was important for me to see in here because of that book and the personal element in there he's referring to does say that god is the one that sets up the.

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