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Right on the topic of President Trump Biden in his speech at union conference said the president fans racism and is living in the past as for his own run for the White House Biden says he wants to be the last person to announce which he is widely expected to do by the end of this month. Wins. News time four oh six. He is a former New York congressman with a new designation. Former congressman Anthony Weiner was designated a level one sex offender by a judge in the Bronx where we are is now living in a halfway house following a stint in federal prison. Weiner pleaded guilty to sending lewd text to fifteen year old in North Carolina. The case played a role in the two thousand sixteen presidential election when investigators found emails on a laptop that Weiner shared with his estranged wife, Hillary Clinton's eight Abidine, the discovery prompted then FBI director James Komi to reexamine Clinton's use of a private Email server. Correspondent Aaron Katersky reporting as a level one sex offender wieners name will be in these sex offender registry. For at least twenty years, it'll be required to verify his address each year. And visit a police station every three years to have a new photo taken level. One offenders are those at low risk of committing. Another offense wins news time four zero seven Domino's pizza deliveryman helped liberate a robbery suspect on the Upper West side. This happened last week as police were looking for. Robbers responsible for swiping a woman's air pod headphones. The daily news reporting cop spotted one of the suspects about an hour later running along on west seventy second toward Broadway. I chase began and that deliveryman Domino's pizza delivery guy on a bike saw was happening. He reportedly sped. I head of the suspect cutting him off giving police time to catch up and arrest him. Police say the suspect identified as Lavelle Ambrester pulled counterfeit fifty dollar bills out of his pocket and threw them in the air as he ran. He allegedly used the phony money to make purchases at stores and get real caches change as for the pizza guy. We're told he still managed to deliver that pie within the guaranteed. Thirty minutes wins news time four eight new study out about whether drinking alcohol in moderation is good for you pass. Studies have indicated having a drink of to a day and lower the risk of stroke and heart problems. But in a large study done in China, scientists found moderate drinking actually raise the risk of stroke. Broke and high blood pressure. Apparently there wasn't enough data to make include conclusion on this regarding heart attacks. It was also pointed out in this study that the participants mostly drank spirits,.

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