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This is Tom Tolbert on line for the N. B. R. the sports leader thanks for joining us giants in Padres we were just talking about this Rocky Mount review time some really basketballer ready in Utah and then they got Vegas is Orlando still around I don't know yeah I believe so so I believe it yeah when I was I was young in my career this is like my big thing they would give me a live Mike on TV they were like whoever is out there get a minute I get like Phil Jackson and Larry brown and Popovich like out and they'd see me come in a dirty look me with I was just so dumb and young I was like cool Hey it's great Bobby tae want to do two or three minutes and he'd be like you would do that now you can add a like you know in the night players about longer yeah they did they'd have like Tim Duncan would be sitting there waiting for his game and again he was so young you know it'll be like Hey you wanna come on the air with a gas hello people what is there by three yes my office farming in the jazz was three going to bat figure for going to bed take the jazz get the three kings hall yet believe me in the Utah hill and they got nothing to do and then that it is actually a big basketball a place that they love basilar into things bass while in college football with you tell me why you and all that Utah state like they they like basketball and football there but they'll go they'll go sit that dumb in that in that arena even though it's like eighty and sunny out it's beautiful but they'll go in there I mean I sold out yeah yeah they sell that I'm telling you well this son I'm Vegas now to as their own well they could be I don't I don't have a it's it's a hundred fifteen and then you'll see like big stars are like lebron Chris Paul knows it what are you doing I I I understand your wax I don't understand your make it's a hundred fifteen now re doing then exam go to the pool damn summer lake everyone's ago summer league now some really is a big deal a good for my my guy warmly Gerry my agent lives here in the bay he's got the start of the summer league and really really help them and they they they might have been just him but I know is partially him and now he's got that thing Roland private things got to be a damn Casco now because all the teams are going to Vegas yeah all of them go there is a big deal that's a great thing about Vegas wanna go to Venice thank you you just say Hey I would have ever though o'neill convention we're gonna have it Vegas event yeah man you're right on their way to the draft is in Vegas and they said the NFL draft gonna go there give me although I tell you and I'm sure you know this but I give your hung over and then you walk outside in Vegas and it just feels like you just got hit by the biggest heatwave ever that's why I got that that's right when did that I. V. thing you guys make fun of me all the time over I was way too hung over I went T. rex I walked outside with anyway this is a good for her only you know you're talking about I went downstairs at ivy thing you got to be well I've never been involved over what does that could I go outside would you would outside one time it wasn't in the summer but that one guy who rast U. everyone got her asked you you're so nice I dare to kick his **** yeah yeah yeah I made to the cell you did make it to the show I've heard others haven't there is a certain person didn't yeah I've heard others have admitted to the show before it got sent out on one assignment Perot hundred over to make the show you can.

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