President Trump, Joe Biden, Senator Ben Sasse discussed on WBZ Morning News


And overseas military ballots to consider. And with the vote tally continuing in six states Joe Biden addressing the nation last night. While the president vows to pursue his claims of voter fraud. NBC's Elizabeth Schultz with latest late Friday bite and urging patience as votes continue to be counted. I don't care how hard people try to stop it. I will not let it happen. The Trump campaign has already filed several lawsuits making baseless accusations about fraud in the election and Arizona among those states where the counting continues. In Maricopa County, another night of demonstrations outside the building where ballots were being counted. That group joined by out spoken conservative voices, such as radio host Alex Jones, the president, continuing his drumbeat on Twitter, the president wondering if Biden's leads would reverse as the president's lawsuits move forward. More from CBS White House correspondent Ben Tracey is tremendous. Corruption and fraud going on. Instead, without evidence he continues to alleged fraud. Some of his fellow Republicans are not convinced there is simply no evidence that anybody has shown me or anyone else. I'm aware of. Of any kind of widespread corruption or front Republican Senator Ben Sasse in Nebraska, said an appointed statement. Voter fraud is poisoned a self government. So these are major allegations..

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