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Not allowed to talk about any prospects out to be very careful. We went general with him. That would a talent evaluate in the NBA take issue with a kid who does not finish the season because he's concerned about getting hurt and the same mannerist seen a bunch of college football players tap out of their bowl games of insignificance because there's really only three games of significance. That do not involve obviously, you're alma mater to national semifinals in the national champion game. He basically said not really. Not really not all so zion's proven at all. And if he is insignificantly hurt or in terms of rehab, then should he player shooting out our poll question is would you would you if you were on continue playing or not what is it? Currently stand right here. Yeah. I'm kinda surprised that this seventy one percent now say they would come back and finish era. No. Are they all fence? I heard from a Duke fan during the break during the break. Get care Anderson. No. I know I know a bunch of Duke fans, but this is the only one who's the only San Diego now, Los Angeles charger fan. I know and the sweetheart of a man who delivered all three of my children. Dr Bob cats here in Los Angeles, California, who you love golf with him. He's the best. He's is he's a big Dookie. I believe one of his daughters went to do. He heard our new slogan for Nike just glue. It he liked that. Also, there's a conspiracy theory that Michael Jordan tampered with the Nike shoes just to help out in North Carolina. You want wanna put that out with the Falker emoji from the rich Eisen show. Oh, wow. Hey, I mean who would who would handle the jump, man? Just make sure the glue doesn't look we can seriously joke about it. Obviously. If he's not significantly hurt, which we hope he's not. But also Dicky's gonna join us in this hour to discuss that. But I do want to hit on the Steelers topic that we we touched upon at the end of last segment last hour when we said goodbye to down Maurienne sent him to Staples for the rockets to kick things tip things off with the Lakers tonight. Second half the season that okay, Lebanon bells gotten his walking papers that he's been his exit visa he's been looking for finally cost him a lot of money that he feels he's about to make backup. We'll see how that works. Antonio Brown has gotten his trade request heard and apparently rubber-stamped, although Kevin Colbert, the gentleman Steelers yesterday said that they will keep him if they don't get significant compensation. I find that one doubtful. But maybe they will get the significant compensation, and that's going to be gone to so big Ben's going to have to shoulder the burden, and as we know he hasn't. Done all that. What's the word for it? Expertly handled. It expertly. Brought a couple rings. He's a first ballot hall of Famer I have to infuse every commentary. I say about him with that. I I bought hall. He had led the league in passing yards last year career high and touchdowns and he's pushing forty he's been terrific. But the radio show stuff is to me needs to be shuttered. Because he always points the finger in other directions before he then says, but it's on me. But it's on me. No, it's always these other things have happened. And then he says back ends it with. But it starts with me. And you know. And the rest of the team mates have to take him. We know Antonio Brown. Put it out there that there was a problem this past week on Twitter, and then the general manager Kevin Colbert, we had our fun yesterday by him as saying that how general managers have to come out and say that their first ballot hall of famers, the undisputed leader of the team. I mean, you want to hear that New England. You don't hear that in Green Bay? You don't hear that in New Orleans? But you hear that in Pittsburgh, which is in my mind reason, why that they're still going to be potential issues and drama and Pittsburgh. But Kevin Colbert didn't do what I've suggested and say that the robbers burger radio show is shuttered. He went the next step calling me rob Berger role is team captain, quote unquote, a burden. I honestly honestly believed that can be a burden on him more often than he may like to admit because he has to he's got fifty two kids under him, quite honestly. That's what I figured. Let's get a we haven't had him on. I was a fan of his when he was playing. He's not been on the program, and he has made quite a career for himself as an opinion ater as an NFL analyst on ESPN Damien Woody here on the show. How are you damning rich? I'm doing well. How you doing? I'm fine. I think it's a perfect timing. I think did you send a text to him at the same time. He's about to China was really impressive. What do you think? What do you make of Kevin Colbert's comments yesterday Damian? Founded odd, you know, because it was just unsolicited just hitting on which you had said to me coming on. Why do you have to announce that your quarterback who's first bound hall of fame? And we have all the lease to you know, to back it up. As the unquestioned leader of the team. It just it just seemed really odd to me and thing that really struck me about the whole conversation was the whole fifty two kids and as a full player that struck a nerve with me because I'm thinking more policy biglou himself as a little kid who's twenty nine years old seventeen seven Pro Bowl to first team. All pros. I don't think he's a I don't think he's a kid. What about Alejandro Villanueva who served our country? You know as an army ranger thirty years old twice to Tom pro bowler. So for general manager to come out there. And I understand I I think it was probably probably badly worded on his part. And I understand that he has a stick for Ben Rothlisberger. After you know, what Antonio Brown said about him having to own a mentality. But when you did locker room is is is a careful situation, you have to strike a careful balance when it comes to the locker room because usually play as always you the front office is as the enemy, quote unquote, and for you to commodity here. And and back your quarterback up to that point guys in the locker room start looking at what they probably already have start looking at Big Ben is like, wait a minute. Are you one of us or you wanted them? I think that to me. Even when leaving on Bill moves on Antonio Brown. We all think he will move one is still doesn't Rimini all the problems that's been going on in that locker room. I agree Damian. Now, obviously wins will help all that in. Ben is just he's he's his terrific as they come in the NFL see can't dispute that my my question for you is is that do you think the answer is players in the locker room asking Ben how to get better as Kevin Colbert suggested. Well, my thing is is it is it up to Ben to critique goblin how to get better. That's what the coaches are therefore, well, but we don't question that when if if Rogers says something, right or or breezy Brady might say something I mean, we don't question that, but we do with Ben. Well, I think it's also kind of it's kind of funny that you know, Antonio Brown comes out and says that Big Ben has his own a mentality. How many guys have run to big bands defense? I haven't seen anybody. I haven't seen it on Twitter or any other type of social media platform or television to really come to big bands defense and all of this. I found that I find it very striking that we haven't heard from anyone as it relates to this AB Big Ben saga really makes you think doesn't it. I mean what? So what do you think it all does mean is that you've got a general manager pounding the table? That is first ballot hall of Famer is not only the unquestioned leader of the team. But has every right to question anybody else in is a matter of fact players should question him on how to get better. And nobody's out there saying that themselves. So what do you think it does really mean Damian that there's a problem in the Steelers locker room for real when toe does meat ball and the twenty nine thousand nine season. I think there's gonna be some some behind the scenes talking going on. I know if I'm a player. Yeah. Laughing I want is is another player in the locker room. Listen all the accolades that big you know, that you've talked about first team. You know, I Don hall of Famer and in all the numbers, and all that guess what you put your paying someone. Just like I do. I none of that. None of that matters to me. So it doesn't give you the right. Just because you big band doesn't give you the right of on radio. Whatever all the platform. You have to me through the media. It's one thing if Mike Tomlin does that. Okay. That's fine. That's my superiors. That's my coach before player to going to go radio. Like every week. He does that. I think you know, like, I say if I'm playing a lot we that's something that we have to nip in the bud is all season. Because we can't we can't run this whole saga bag next season. Will we have drama in all those type of things going on? That would have to be nipped in the bud as Colbert gave him the green light to do whatever he darn pleases. I mean, that's just. I just think that's to me. That's a problem. That's a problem GM enabling your quarterback to do that again. Please look for an office. They look at fobs is almost the enemy and now the front opposite in neighboring quarterbacks are just openly whip your players ripping ripping teammate through the media who does that who is an organization allow these types of things that happen. I don't see this in New England. I just it to me. It doesn't make any sense at all. Pittsburgh is just is just a mess to me. Damian. What are you here on the rich Eisen show? Would you would you if you were general manager or coach were a fan of a certain team would you acquire Antonio Brown? Damian. Would you say let's go get him. Opt-out long hard about this one. Could I come from to school? I come from the New England way where you know. It's all about it one buying in. But also New England's an outlier new like everything that happens in New England. It's just not it doesn't happen around me. And one thing I do know what the Antonio Brown as much as we talk about the headache. And all the things that he does for social media and the outbursts you see on the sideline. There's only one guy NFL history has has six straight seasons over one hundred catches plus. Tonio brown. You don't think Antonio Brown can help Aaron Rodgers.

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