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So today. We're discussing billy elliot. A british movie from the year. Two thousand directed by stephen daldry starring. Jamie bell is billy elliot. The movie is set in nineteen eighty-four. Billy is the son of a coalminer. He and his family his family living in everington a little coal miners. Down during the nineteen eighty-four coal miners strike by skiff. Fifteen minutes news. If you wanna get so. Billy is a young kind of average teenager. He doesn't seem to be too popular or anything and he's comically bad boxing and one day. He finds himself kind of joining ballet lesson. He didn't mean to take part in. La and ballet. Billy well he's not too good at it or anything. He decides to come back the next week instead of going to boxing class and after a class or to the ballet class teacher mrs wilkinson i think was her name. She says potential in billy and she encourages him to keep coming to ballet and she's thinking about signing him additions to the royal ballet school and obviously that plan is cut short when bill is dad. Who's who's under the pressure of trying to run the family without his wife who who's best away the last year and he's also on strike from his combing mining job and he had some point finds out that bill is been missing his boxing classes. He goes to checking on billy and finds him dancing ballet and obviously he doesn't ticket to well his not that kind of progressive kind of guy and he loses his mind. He bands build from dancing. And mrs wilkinson she she like. I said she sees a lot of potential in billy so she decides to give billy private lessons and to take him to the addition herself and obviously throughout the movie. The strike is getting worse. The pressure on bill is families getting harder and harder to deal with Billy's older brother. Tony he becomes kind of one of the more extreme activists and he gets in trouble. Which makes billy mris addition and throughout the movie. Billy's training for the addition he discovers his best friend. Michael is in the closet. And that even mrs wilkinson or the wilkinson family. They have their own problems even though these seemed to have this perfect life and then his dad discovers it has been Dancing behind his back but instead of losing his mind he recognizes billy's talents this time he he actually changes his mind. He makes sure that bill is going back to dancing and against all he stands for goes back to work even though the strike is still on just to be able to fund bill trip to the audition in london and suddenly bill is family and it seems like the whole town is supporting of bilas dream of becoming a ballet dancer. I'll not go go over the ending though. I'm sure we'll mentioned it in a bit so as usual guys. Let's start with our general thoughts. What you guys think of the movie. How was the experience of watching. Billy elliot for you So this movie by yeah it was Because obviously i didn't. I guess before i watched i didn't really know it was sitting on a four because i just all that i knew it was came out in two thousand and i thought wow this looks like a really old film for two thousand like aged poli but i guess like hasn't it just it was set. You know fifteen years prior And honestly i fist hof maybe fifth to a half okay. I thought the acting was very good and the story was okay. But i didn't really feel i had any agency to to the film and then it kind of had a bit of a slow third in the middle and then i guess maybe just the lost hof like picked up for me and there was sort of like obviously the change Billy's dad just essentially changed his mind Ability the dance in the What would you coach gymnasium. Because before that he was like really drunk and i was like. Oh this isn't gonna guy. Well this is where he goes to jail or something like that. And then just changed course and i did not say that most movies. You kind of guess where it's going like for better or worse you know what i mean but this one i did not say coming. I thought why one of the better twist it wasn't like a monitoring say the twists but it's not like somebody's way The twist like sutton like shutter island door this six cents or something like that. It's just this was more of just a change in direction of film and it was just so good and yeah i honestly on the hallway actually really enjoyed it. It was just like just took me the fist hour to really get into it. And the acting is superb. I'm not sure if you guys now but the person who plays musicians. And she's molly weasley in harry potter s psycho is. Yeah oh recognize her yen. Then kind of bari. Right now when someone told me that that was the coin like it collects. She's got a genuine reaction while she was great once said that i sit entire movie differently. Same here what did you think of the movie. Bio i liked it. I liked it It's a different paced movie. No it's it's from a while back and still still holds up and the acting is definitely a one of the of the main things here. The actor that played bella jamie bell. Yeah like i never actually thought that a kid can can act that. Well we was amazing. Yeah good job but but the father and and miss fan me. Spotter miss There were both really. Yeah like i guess you know. The whole acting was to be very introverted people but that worked because in the sense that they had like emotional things where where everything kinda like bobbled the surface. It was very noticeable that they did They did a good job. I agree with you. Pick the the change in the the twist where his father like appreciates his skills. It's it's it was a bit out of the blue really. Yeah i don't know it's it's kinda like i'm not sure if it was like you know. Imagine imagine that you have very strong negative feelings about that kind of thing. It adjusts caught your kid with another kid with a two two in the gym. And they're just fooling around and even though like you're seeing that your kid can dance like it's really like two steps forward thinking saying okay now in a position where i can actually appreciate what i'm seeing so that was a bit of a of a weird move. Yeah it is. It is a bit of a leap to tell in terms of Hot intended. But i just kind of imagined him you know he was so concentrated on the strike and on keeping his family going like they were in such a bad situation in terms of everything..

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